COVID-19: Pharmacies flout safety protocols in Accra

Some pharmacies in parts of Accra are not adhering to the COVID-19 protocols amidst the rise in case count in the second wave of the pandemic in the country.

A visit by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) to some pharmaceutical stores revealed that scores have failed to provide veronica buckets with water for hand washing in front of the shops which is in violation of the World Health Organisation and Ghana Health Service COVID-19 preventive protocols.

Most of these shops have also stopped the usage of thermometer gun to check the temperature of customers before entering.

Some of the shops includes: Cyrex Chemist, Lylod Pharmacy, Cyberg Pharmacy at Ashaley Botwe, East Legon, Ogbojo and Okanshie drug lane respectively had no veronica buckets placed at their premises.

At Cyrex Chemist, Mr Christopher Adamu, security officer told the GNA that they used to put veronica bucket at the entrance for customers to wash their hands before entering the shop, but when the pandemic subsided, they then resorted to the use of Thermometer gun only.

He said most people that visited their premises opted for the use of hand sanitizer rather than washing of hands that was why they removed the veronica bucket recently.

Mrs Adelaid Ofosu, sales person at Cyberg Pharmacy, said the facility had a veronica bucket but due to scarcity of water in the area, which has created a challenge for provision of the COVID-19 hand washing protocols for customers.

She said in view of the challenge, a thermometer gun and hand sanitizers have been made available for customers in place of the hand washing to help stop the spread of the virus.

At the Lylod Pharmacy, hand washing stand was provided but no soap and there was no one available to ensure that customers entering their pharmacy shop observed the necessary safety protocols. Effort made to talk to the shop attendants proved futile.

However, at the Okaishie drug lane, it was observed that scores of pharmaceutical shops operating had “No nose mask, No Entry” inscriptions welcoming clients, but there was no provision of veronica bucket for hand washing, hand sanitizer neither a thermometer gun for checking temperature of customers entering their premises”.

The country is said to be recording daily cases of about 700 and a total active cases of 5,786 as of Thursday, February 4, 2021.

It has 68,559 confirmed cases, 433 deaths and 62,340 recoveries and discharge.



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