Don’t allow cowardness to overtake your professional ethics — Muslims Executive Foundation to journalists

The Chairman of the Moslems Executive Foundation (M.E.F) in Kumasi, Mr Musah Abubakari has blamed Ghanaian journalists for covering up the violent incidents of the December 7 2020 general elections.

Speaking to the modernghana News in an interview, Mr, Musah noted that during the December 7 general elections, security brutalities, snatching of ballot boxes, forced voting by some party supporters, assaults among other constitutional blunders greeted the electoral process of which the media was expected to expose such crimes

According to him, but for reasons best known to some of the media houses, they failed to voice out the truth as required by the ethics that govern the practice of journalism.

Mr, Musah pointed out that the kind of media reportage Ghanaians witnessed on the election day was very shameful and a deliberate attempts by certain media houses to cover up.

Mr Musah noted that one of the core mandates of journalists are among others, is to defend the truth even at gunpoint.

Chairman Musah indicated that the sad events of December 7 2020 general elections which was blind spotted by the media was the worst accounts Ghanaians ever witnessed since the country entered into democratic era.

Musah posited that since from the period of the late ex-President Rawlings down to the ex-President John Dramani Mahama, the country has never witnessed such a shameful and biased media coverage on elections before.

He alleged that the Electoral Commissioner Jean Mensa and government have silenced the media, else there would be no political rift in the country when the media stood firm to report the alleged electoral malpractices as it was in the past.

But in spite of all the happenings in the electoral process, Mr Musah admonished Ghanaians to bury their differences and learn lessons from the 2020 elections.

Muslems Executive Foundation is a Muslem Non-governmental Organization in Kumasi, consists of University lectures, lawyers journalists, politicians, economists, businessman, accountants among other intellectuals whose core mandate are among other things, educate Muslem communities especially, the youth on educational matters, custom, entrepreneurial skills, religious affairs and marriage counselling.


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