Kumasi lawyer links country’s under-development to bad leadership

A Kumasi based renowned private legal practitioner, Mr William Kusi Esq, has attributed the country’s downward trend in development to lack of strong leadership.

He said until leaders appointed to the helm of affairs change their mindsets and think first about the development of the country, Ghanaians will continue to live in a miserable condition.

According to him, no matter how many policies government formulate they will not to overturn the declining state of the economy.

He said in an exclusive interview with the Modernghana.com correspondent, King Amoah over the weekend at his Kumasi-Adum Harper office in reaction to how the developmental aspects of the country continuously slow down since the country gained independence in 1957.

Lawyer Kusi who is the Chief Executive Officer of Dominion Chambers, a reputable law firm in Kumasi who was particularly attributing the country’s downward trends to the regime of democracy though commendable and well understood by the people, but in the opposite side one can also realize that the current political dispensation has worsened the country’s economy with so much corruption.

“This is because leaders of political parties, after winning power, failed to discipline and bring offending party supporters to book for fear that they would lose future elections if corrupt party activists are punished.

Lawyer Kusi reiterated that this sort of political practice has brought to focus monecracy into the country’s body politics to a level that members of political parties use illegal means to lobby for positions they don’t qualified for, and eventually end up mismanaging state funds and amassing wealth for themselves to the disadvantage of the development of the country.

He underscored that the kind of politics been practised in the country is the root cause of poverty in the society, pointing out that Ghana is undisputably a rich country but our only challenge is the lack of good leaders to transform the economy.

He noted that the country needs deliverance from the hands of corrupt leaders to build a solid economy, stressing that apart from a miracle, no coup attempt can happen but urged the citizenry to change their mindsets, put behind dirty politics and focus on building a better nation.

Lawyer William Kusi was of the strongest view that the transformation of the country can be archived within a twinkle of an eye, “if good leaders with less political influences take over the administration of the country.”

He cited China, Singapore among other less developed countries who after getting responsible leaders are fastly developing their economies to compete favourably with the advanced countries.

The lawyer commended Nana Akufo-Addo as the President whose exemplary leadership qualities introduced good policies to transform the country but in spite of his good ideas and excellent policies he and his Vice President brought on board to transform the country, some of his appointees thwarted their efforts.

He particularly mentioned the activities of Operation Vanguard Team who disrupted the directives given by the President to stop illegal gold mining activities in the country.

The lawyer took the opportunity to appeal to the President in his second term of office to appoint people of good calibre, disciplined and hardworking ready to work for the good of the country.


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