Scrap MPs Ex-Gratia and use it for developmental projects

His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah

President of the Republic of Ghana,

Flagstaff House,


Dear Sir,

Scrap MPs Ex-Gratia and use it for developmental projects

I am writing to your noble office to scrap MPs Ex Gratia and channel the funds to Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

Per the calculations I have done, MPs in Ghana receive almost GH¢340,000 as salary for their four year term of office aside the various allowances they receive.

I understand there are tax deductions and I believe even after the tax deduction, an MP may get at least GH¢200,000 and other benefits for only 4years which I think it’s okay because a public servant who holds masters degree may serve this country for 36years and go on retirement and won’t get even 20% of the said amount, as pension pay.

In view of this, I am calling your office to scrap their Ex-Gratia and use it for developmental projects because some of these MPs may not be accountable to their constituents before even their term of office elapse so if funds from their Ex-Gratia are channeled to Local Government Ministry, I believe the Local Government can use it to develop the constituencies.

Sir, if this is not checked, we may get Public servants who (because of these huge monies MPs are getting) will abdicate the public service and vie for parliamentary seats.

Thank you!

Yours faithfully,

Emmanuel Abankwah Kesse (Olumanba)

(Young Political Activist)


Ministry of Local Government And Rural Development.


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