Kuyuli Chieftaincy issues: Former enskinned regent removed

Calm has returned to the Kuyuli community in the Tatale-Sanguli District of the Northern region following the dethronement of the ‘wrongfully’ enskinment of Stephen Binchasiku Baatube (former Regent) as a sub-chief.

According to a statement issued on 17th January 2021 by the spokesperson of the Jakobki Palace –Kuyuli, Jakobiki Kwame Noah Paul, and copied to ModernGhana, this calmness was achieved “after the Chief and Elders of Kuyuli Community petitioned the Overlord of Dagbon (His Royal Majesty Yaa-Naa Abukari Mahama II) against the Nakpale Chief (Obore Gariba Yankosor II) for his unlawful intrusions into the chieftaincy affairs of Kuyuli. His actions do not only frown upon section 26(1) of the Chieftaincy Act, 759 but alien to the chieftaincy customs and practices of Kuyuli. He enskinned one Stephen Binchasiku Baatube (former Regent) as a sub-chief (Sulo-bore) of Kuyuli Community”.

The statement adds that the ‘secret’ enskinment occurred without proper consultation with the Kuyuli chief Ubore Nambu Jakobki IV, his elders and the Tatale-Sanguli District Security Council thereby making the whole enskinment null and void. That act also caused unnecessary tension and uneasiness in the community.

The representative of the Overload of Dagbon, Naa Iddrisu Imoro II – the paramount chief of Zabzugu intervened by convening a “crisis meeting on Sunday, January 10, 2021, involving the heads of security agencies (the Ghana Police, the NIB/BNI, and the Ghana Armed Forces); Obore Gariba Yankosor II and his elders; Ubore Nambu Jakobki IV, the chief of Kuyuli Community and his elders; Stephen Binchasiku Baatube (former Regent) and other opinion leaders of Kuyuli,” the statement further stressed.

This meeting saw the dethronement of the ‘illegally’ enskinned former Regent by a unanimous decision bringing finality to the matter.

The statement, however, accused the chief of Nakpale of meddling into the chieftaincy affairs of Kuyuli community that falls outside of his jurisdiction by using his membership with the National House of Chiefs to intimidate and disregard the resolution.

They have therefore called on the security agencies to monitor the activities in the community closely to forestall any suspicious activity that can undermine the peace of the community.

ASP Peter Paul who was the representative of the Tatale-Sanguli District Security Council cautioned all parties that the security will not hesitate to deal with anyone who tries to foment trouble to mar the peace of the community.

Read full statement below:

DOWNLOAD FILE: 119202193143-n6jum8x432-press-release-kuyuli-community—jan-2021.edited.pdf


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