“Friends of Nature” urges companies to set funds to help fight proper sanitation on Ghana’s beaches.

As Ghana fights the habit of keeping our beaches clean, “Friends Of Nature” an organization established with the core aim to make beaches in Ghana clean and ready to match other countries using seashores as tourism urges various companies in Ghana to set yearly budget to support good sanitation in Ghana especially our seashores. In an interview on Darling FM’s drive time show with host Candyman, the group mentioned companies in the production of bottled and other plastic products on the Ghanaian market to support such fight.

They stressed that; looking at a blessed land like Ghana with countless beaches plus the great tourism potentials our beaches bring, there is the need to call on companies to support the fight at attaining proper sanitation on the seashores of Ghana. The group also took the opportunity to advise fishermen in Ghana to take up the mantle to support such cause to make beaches in Ghana very clean to attract tourist who travels from various continents.

Since the establishment of the said organization, they have been able to embark on three (3) successful beach clean-ups including an end of year massive clean-up on some selected beach lines in Cape Coast.

(By Nana Yarquah)

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