DPR lauds marketers’ compliance with industry rules in Anambra

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DPR lauds marketers’ compliance with industry rules in Anambra
Department of Petroleum Resources

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has lauded marketers in Anambra for their eagerness to abide by the rules of the industry.

Mr Okiemute Akpomudjere, Operations Controller of DPR in the state, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Monday in Awka that marketers complied with the price and standard metering.

Akpomudjere said that the number of applications for new and renewal of licenses was impressive in the outgoing year.

“The downstream sector in Anambra is commendable in terms of compliance.

“Operators are eager to get their licenses and those of them whose license have not been renewed for a long time applied for renewal, even during the pandemic.

“There was a lot of improvement in 2020 compared to last year and I expect that 2021 will be more inspiring because applications for it have started coming in,” he said.

Akpomudjere said the department had been interfacing with petroleum marketers, engine oil and gas dealers on how to do business within Standard Operations Procedure.

He gave the assurance that DPR would continue to ensure that only quality and certified lubricants were in circulation in the state.

He also expressed delight that petroleum products related to fire accidents were not prevalent as in the past years, attributing it to effective safety awareness and stronger government regulations.

“Part of our responsibility is to ensure that quality of lubricants in our markets are up to standard and we have taken a position that only the people that are licensed to operate Lube oil blending plants are those that bring in Base oil into Nigeria.

“Illegal blending plants are in the process of being licensed so that they won’t be illegal anymore.

“I am sure the awareness on fire safety is helping drastically in reducing fire incidents related to petroleum,” he said.

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