Work towards resolving electoral issues amicably—Muslim groups urge EC

The umbrella body of Muslim organisations in Ghana, the Federation of Muslim Councils (FMC) joins other peaceloving voices in Ghana, including the National Peace Council, OccupyGhana, Civil Society Organisations in Election Programming and other concerned eminent Ghanaians, particularly the only concerned voice within the Eminent Advisory Committee of EC , Nana Ato Dadzie, c.v, in demanding for a resolution of all lingering electoral disputes in accordance with established laws of the country , before January 7, 2021.

The diverse Muslim communities represented by FMC call on all aggrieved parties to reject violence and seek lawful and peaceful means of resolving all election-related issues. In particular, the FMC is still urging all Muslims, especially the youth, to continue to comport themselves and refrain from any form of violence in relation to the jus-ended elections.

The FMC, however, joins human rights lovers in strongly condemning the loss of innocent lives through irresponsible acts of the police and the military during the elections, including the outrageous use of brute force by the police on unarmed peaceful Ghanaians exercising their rights to protest.

The government is hereby called upon to investigate all shooting incidents, the loss of lives in connection with the elections and punish the perpetrators.

The FMC is very worried that a similar call by the National Peace Council for an investigation into shooting incidents during the voter’s registration was rebuffed by the government, not to talk of the government’s silence on recommendations by the Justice Emile Short Commission on the Ayawaso West Wuogon bye-election excesses by a special unit of the Ghana Police Service.

The FMC urges the Electoral Commission to demonstrate fairness in handling issues of all aggrieved parties in the just-ended elections.

The FMC, therefore, calls on the Electoral Commission to accede to the request for an open collation of results in the Techiman South constituency polls, which has not been done to date in contravention of the electoral rules.

By extension, the FMC endorses the numerous calls for an independent audit of results of the polls to put to rest any lingering doubts of wrong computation of the results by the Electoral Commission.

The FMC is comforted by the fact, as pointed out by OccupyGhana in its statement of 23rd December 2020 that, to the extent that the EC is not a law unto itself, “…if the EC is not ready to listen, or wrongly dismisses the challenge, or cannot effect any change because the results have already been gazetted, the Constitution provides the ultimate routes to challenge those results through either the High Court (for parliamentary election) or the Supreme Court (for the presidential election.)”

In conclusion, it is important to let justice be done. It is equally important to note that in as much as Ghana deserves peace and needs peace now, sight should not be lost of the fact that injustice could endanger peace!

Al-Hajj Muhammad Amir Kpakpo Addo


Federation of Muslim Councils, Ghana

Email: [email protected]


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