Traders at Makola laments over low sales in spite of mad rush

Traders at Makola particularly those at Kwasiaguasu, Annex and TS have lamented over low sales in spite of mad rush for goods ahead of the Christmas and New year seasons.

According to them, the situation consistently recurs every election year during Christmas.

An assessment on sales ahead of this year’s Christmas season by revealed that Christmas in election years largely has affected sales of traders within the Makola area.

“Every election year, the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) officers feel reluctant in ensuring sanity on the streets and it is because of the fear of voting against the incumbent in the elections. So you realize that traders with slots in the market sheds move from their slots to trade on the streets,” said Secretary for Kwasiaguasu/Organizer for Makola traders Karim Lammeh Yirbito.

He said traders take due advantage of election seasons and threaten to vote out the government if they should be sacked.

According to Lammeh, the development embolden some traders who have slots in the market sheds to invade the streets for commercial purposes.

In an interview, he said, “there is heavy congestion on the streets but inside here is quite. Because buyers get virtually everything on the streets so they don’t enter the sheds. This makes some traders think that is a cheat for them to be paying all the required levies and tolls, whilst city authorities allow other traders to trade on the streets leaving them with huge debts.

“COVID-19 brought its own problems and that alone has crippled us as traders,” he said.

He attributed the development to limited market sheds to accommodate all.

However, he was quick to add that government has taken steps to build additional sheds to address the problems.

“Government has so far constructed eight big market sheds, with the ninth one currently ongoing. We hope that these sheds at the end of completion will resolve this issue of hawkers flooding the streets and causing low sales to traders at Makola.”

Speaking on the recent fire outbreaks, he urged traders in different parts of the country to be vigilant to avoid further instances across the country.

“As I speak, we are unable to tell if its deliberate from a section of the public or doings of traders. For us here at Makola, measures are being put in place to avoid these fire outbreaks occurring and all must do same.”

He appealed to government to assist with investigation to curb future occurrences.


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