Great Commendations To Ghanaian Electorates And All Stakeholders

West Africa Network of Election Observers(WANEO) as part of the phase 2 of its Election Peace And Security Observer Mission(EPASOM) Project for Ghana’s Presidential And Parliamentary Election 2020 and in line with its core operational mission and project objective for the EPASOM Project 2020 in Ghana, wish to greatly express its commendations to all Ghanaian electorates for actively participating in the just ended General Election 2020, which democratically necessitated the election of over 270 Members of Parliament and President of the Republic of Ghana through the ballot box in a keenly contested democratic elections, thereby making a historic mark in the national democratic consolidation and sustainability agenda under Ghana’s Fourth Republican Constitutional Dispensation.

WANEO, therefore, wish to say AYEKOO! to all Ghanaian Voters including all key Stakeholders such the Political Parties , Media Practitioners, Civil Society Actors , National And Local Observers, Regional And Continental Observers, International Observers, Traditional Authorities, Faith-based Organizations, the Academia , the Judiciary ,Parliament of Ghana , Electoral Commission of Ghana , the National Peace Council, and all other relevant national and international stakeholders whose contributory and complimentary efforts, contributed to achieving a relatively peaceful and appreciably participative General Election on the 7th December, 2020 and to date.

Consequentially, WANEO as part of its independent evaluation and preliminary assessment of the general operational performance of the EC in the priority areas of responsiveness in the conduct of the actual Ghana Election 2020 on the 7th December, 2020 was satisfactory and commendable. However, there is more room for improvement and transformation in the priority areas of strongly upholding the operational culture of due diligence, transparency, and accuracy in the collation and tabulation of election results before public declaration. WANEO as part of its EPASOM Project for Ghana’s Election 2020, has further observed and noted that , there is indeed more room for improvement pertaining to the urgent need for strategic institutional reforms and transformation in the operations of Ghana’s constitutionally- established Election Management Body(EMB) ,thus, the Electoral Commission in order to genuinely enhance and strengthen the operational independence ,competence and efficiency of the constitutionally established Election Management Body(EMB) of Ghana ,Electoral Commission.

In the light of this, WANEO is strongly calling on all stakeholders in the democratic space of Ghana such as the Ghanaian Electorates ,Citizens , Political Parties , Media and Civil Society Actors ,the Judiciary ,all State Institutions and Agencies , and to all the State Security Agencies to fully support and commit to the cause of sustainable peace and democratic values such as respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, respect for the rule of law and justice, professionalism in election security management in the Country ,after the official declaration of the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Results, in order to help guarantee sustainable peace, stability and development for the present and future generations of the Country.

WANEO has also observed with serious concern the unwarranted and needless incidents of live-bullet shootings at unarmed civilians by election security officials which resulted in the death of five (5) civilians during and after the elections across the Country. WANEO hereby unequivocally condemn these isolated incidents of live-bullet shootings by security officials who should have professionally done better in civilian crowd control as professionals charged with the constitutional responsibility to save lives by respecting the human rights and freedoms of the civilian populations, even in all instances of election violence prevention mechanisms in public election management. WANEO is therefore calling for a full-scale investigation into these isolated incidents of election violence and shootings by security officials in order in bring those found culpable to justice.

WANEO wish to further urge all disputing and aggrieved Candidates ,Political Parties and Stakeholders in the just ended Ghana 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections to pursue all election related disputes and accordingly channel all legitimate grievances, petitions and appeals to the constitutionally established institutions and agencies for redress and for justice to be independently served in our collective efforts towards the consolidation and sustainability Ghana’s maturing democracy as a beacon of peace and stability, respect for human rights and the rule of law in West Africa and in the comity of nations of the World.

WANEO will soon finalize its report on its Election Peace And Security Observer Mission (EPASOM) Project for Ghana’s Presidential And Parliamentary Election 2020 in due course and accordingly publish same.



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