Carry your own cross, we’ll not speak on the draconian Public Universities Bill again — IMANI Africa to public universities

IMANI Africa seems to be tired of talking about the controversial Public Universities Bill.

The president of the organization, Mr. Franklin Cudjoehas indicated that it will not be speaking anymore against the controversial Public University Bill which was approved yesterday in Parliament’s second reading.

He said this over what he describes as a “draconian” bill in a social media post.

According to him, since the approval of the bill, many Ghanaians have been calling on IMANI Africa to speak against it just as the organization did in the past.

However, the organization and its leaders say they are not in the position to do so at this time.

The organization and its resourceful leaders believe that authorities in public universities should carry their own cross.

“I see many are tagging IMANI folks to add its voice to the draconian Public Universities bill. We did earlier. This time the dons in the unis should carry their own cross too,” Franklin wrote on his Facebook wall.


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