Emerging Public Leaders on Ghana’s 2020 elections

A statement concerning Ghana’s elections from Yawa Hansen-Quao, Executive Director of Emerging Public Leaders, a leadership organization preparing Africa’s next generation of changemakers committed to driving the continent’s development through service.

“Yesterday, Ghanaians turned out to the polls to decide our future. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our healthcare system, our education system and our economy, especially local enterprises, will be deeply impacted by the outcome of this election.

“While voter apathy among our young people persists, a growing group of young Ghanaians and young Africans across the continent want to be engaged and contribute to improving governance at the local and institutional-level. As a majority of the Ghanaian population, their voices matter.

“The young leaders participating in the Emerging Public Leaders of Ghana’s Public Service Fellowship recognize the importance of their leadership and are committed to serving our country. As civil servants, their obligation to the public good extends far beyond election years. They are on the frontlines of combating the COVID-19 pandemic—surveying low-income families, receiving and distributing test kits and implementing contact tracing.

“This election also represents the importance of women as voters and as candidates. The emergence of women as top level candidates—both as vice president and president, on smaller party tickets—is incredibly significant and long overdue. Having women in high profile political positions will inspire the next generation of women to pursue government service. We need women in the civil service, as well as elected office, to serve and represent the needs of all Ghanaians.

“Regardless of the outcome of the election, I look forward to supporting and working with Ghana’s government to empower the next generation of innovative and committed civil servants.”

To be connected with Yawa Hansen-Quao, please contact Katie Wysong at [email protected] or (202) 702-6903 for interviews.




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