The constitution must be amended to allow only Ghanaians with successful global companies to contest as president–Kwadwo Dwomo II

Kwadwo Dwomo II, who is the chief executive officer (CEO) of the first community media company on earth (Comcent Limited), has expressed his opinion on his Twitter account that the constitution of Ghana must be amended to allow only Ghanaians who have built successful global companies to contest for presidential and parliamentary elections.

That way, he said, “the elected leaders will appreciate that governing a country has a resemblance to creating a startup and turning it into a global company while making it cashflow positive.”

He said, “when one has the experience of founding a startup, and the startup has survived all the pitfalls that plague startups but rather become a global company that is cashflow positive, in the process, one learns many important lessons like good branding, managing sparse resources, financial prudence, creating good work culture, motivating subordinates, outsmarting competitors, etc.”

He made it known that it is these same lessons that a leader of any country must know in other to be able to govern a country successfully, expand the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) significantly, and create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive to create adequate jobs and make citizens prosperous.

Readers will agree with me that if Ghana is to go to a referendum and such an amendment to the constitution comes to pass, both flag bearers of the ruling new patriotic party (NPP) and the opposition national democratic congress(NDC) and flag bearers of all the other smaller parties will therefore not qualify to stand as presidential candidate for the 2020 election.

This is because none of the candidates who are seeking the high office of Ghana would have been able to meet the criteria of the amended constitution. It will, thus, become quite difficult to get candidates who will meet such criteria.

This may seem like a bad thing and a disadvantage to many well-meaning Ghanaians who may have the desire to serve the country as presidents until you realize that the office of the president is the highest office of the land and as such, if there should be able any office in Ghana which should have a higher ceiling before any person can apply, then it should be the office of the president.

The first president of the United States of America, Mr. George Washington was quite a successful entrepreneur when he assumed the office of the president of USA, and because of the lessons he learned been a successful entrepreneur, he was able to steer the newly created nation and lay the proper foundation for the USA to become the largest economy in the world.

One would say what Kwadwo Dwomo II is proposing is a lofty goal and it will never come into reality, yet when one analyses thoroughly what is been said, he/she may realize that a country like Ghana needs such an amendment quite urgently.

Kwadwo Dwomo II is the co-founder and CEO of Comcent Limited, which is about to launch the first community media platform called Comcent. Unlike social media platforms, which enable real-time communication among friends and family, community media is seeking to promote real-time communication among community leaders and community members.

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