South Tongu chiefs perform rituals for peaceful 2020 election

Chiefs from South Tongu District in the Volta region have performed ritual sacrifices to the gods of the land to ask for peaceful elections on December 7.

Chiefs from Sokpoe, Vume, Agave, Fievie and Tefle were part of the group that performed the traditional prayers on Tuesday, December 1.

Togbe Akalo of Fievie traditional Area led the traditional prayers which involved animal sacrifice, pouring of libations and many other rituals.

The chiefs and elders started casting away bad spirits that will rise and cause any mayhem on the election day from Akalo Kpornu, a shrine at Fievie to Sogakope, where it ended.

Mama Ku Agbi II, Mamaga of Fievie Traditional area in an interview with ModernGhana News said, it was very necessary for them to performed such rituals to seek the intervention of the gods of the land because of election 2020 tensions which are very high.

“We did the sacrifice to call on our ancestors’ support, help and guide us before, during and after the general election”, she added.

According to Mama Ku Agbi II, the country is losing the peace it used to enjoy some years back.

Torgbe Atsuga II, Dufia of Fievie,Togbe Ayihor IV of Sokpoe and many other chiefs and elders from the traditional area were present during the ritual exercise.


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