‘Kokromoti’ Power

Go and cast your vote

It is your true power

Oh, this bonafide sham?

Our vote is ‘their’ power

Citizens have no power

Stop beguiling the teens

It’s the NCCE’s saying, not mine.

For decades, they’ve preached this message.

When the papal seat is finally won

The President takes a dogmatic stance

The apparatchiks lay fresh big eggs 

And the rights of citizens go to asylum

For this reason, my voting apathy.

Respected, I repeat, I’m not voting.

Once you fail to exercise your franchise,

we’ll then choose a ruler for you, think!

There are two totems on the paper

The umbrella; it provides protection. 

The elephant; it signifies hard work. 

What else is left to convince you?

I know our tomorrow is a dead leaf

The umbrella and elephant are both deaf

Their gullies of corruption are awful

The economy isn’t looking any beautiful 

Dear sons, don’t pay attention to him.

Respected, the value is still the same.

Can you change the channel from this advert?

Little children want to watch Scooby Doo.

Poem by yours only,

✍️ Abdul Rahman Odoi

@Big Odoi_Poems

All rights reserved.©️2020


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