Official message of the Chairman of the Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP) marking the 50th Anniversary Celebration

Conscious-revolutionary militants, fearless intellectual guerillas, ideological stalwarts, proponents and crusades of social justice, academic freedom and peace, apostles and adherents of Massescracy, peasant masses, leaders and cadres of SUP, comrades and friends: I salute and thank you all for honoring and gracing this great occasion marking the 50th birth anniversary of the all-powerful ruling Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP).

SUP was, SUP is and SUP will forever be. No man can thwart the progressive agenda of the Vanguard Student Unification Party not even me. I met SUP here and will play my role and leave SUP here. SUP lives forever. SUP will never die!

Greetings to forward-thinking social revolutionary comrades, peace crusaders, massescrats, revolutionary jesuits, members of the 30th Politburo and Central Committee of the all-powerful Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP).

Today SUP marks 50 years but the question is what/why are we celebrating on this day? Thank God because if it is not for God’s loves, me and every other comrades and veterans here and in martyrdom will not be celebrating this day.

The Vanguard Student Unification Party has triumph for fifty (50) years, and SUP is going to triumph for another fifty (50) years. SUP has triumph over the oligarchical True Whig Party, who led this country for 133 years and treated our people like meat that’s to be eaten on the dinner table. During this sad period in our country history, our people were never given the opportunity to vote, own lands, ascend to political offices and also attend the university of Liberia. They were sanctioned to living in bantustans and shantytowns like Sonniwein, Saye Town, Sinkor and Paco Island while the political elites lived on Capitol Hill and Mamba point. Political and economic decisions were taken only by those on Capitol Hill and Mamba point for the broad base majority of the Liberian people. It was a system of the few not many. A black apartheid between the haves and the haves not. It was the resilient militants of the all-powerful Vanguard Student Unification Party along with members of the Progressive Community which included Dr. Togbah-Nah Tipoteh, Christian Herbert, Bacchus Matthews, H. Boima Fahnbulleh, D. Tuan Wleh Mayson, Alaric K. Tokpa, Tonia Richardson, Wiwi Debah, Momolu Lavala, Irene Nimpson, Lucia Massallee-Yallah, Frederick Gobawollie, Benedict Galawolo and Marcus G.S Dolo who challenged and destroyed that oligarchy which suppressed and oppressed our people. These were progressive men and women and ideologues of the Vanguard Student Unification Party.

From the 70s upwards to the nineties, and now, SUP has always fought and challenge callous and dictatorial governments. SUP challenge the dictatorship of Samuel Doe, who felt he could destroy the party by forming parallel political party on the campuses of the University of Liberia to oppose SUP, just like how another mushroom political party was founded few years ago by another tyrant in Charles Taylor and another mushroom political party has been created few days ago by the black fascist president in Mr. Weah few days ago out of the blue sky. The reason for the formation of all these mushroom student political parties at the state run university is one and the same: to fight against the Student Unification Party on the campuses of the University of Liberia in defense of the regime at hand. Nevertheless, SUP has always triumph and will continue to triumph in the cause of the masses of the people. Doe fought very hard to destroy the Vanguard party but never succeeded, Charles Taylor fought, brutalized and killed our comrades while others fled to exile yet he didn’t succeed. Ellen Johnson, a petit bougeoise and economic vampire, though more liberal in her administration muzzled the party too but did not succeed. Eventhough under her administration we were not killed and chased into exiles but we were jailed and brutalized on so many occasions but again she didn’t succeed. Weah will fight, having already begun by chasing some of our brilliant and finest comrades into exiles and jailing us on a daily basis but he will not succeed. On that note, let us observed a moment of silence for all those who lost their lives in the struggle for rice and rights and all those who were deleted in the struggle for social justice, academic freedom and peace.

As we celebrate SUP Anniversary today, we reaffirmed our unwavering commitment and unflinching loyalty to the fight for social justice and egalitarianism especially the struggle for the underprivileged and marginalized class of our society. As we have once again assemble in this great hall, I call on all SUPist as well as members of the progressive community continue the struggle for the total emancipation of the Liberian people from abyss of poverty, bad governance and misrule. This can only happen through the establishment of a national vanguard party. This is why, this year’s anniversary theme is conspicuous and clear like bluewater “advancing the ideology and philosophy of Massescracy — a call for a national revolutionary vanguard party; may history not despise our generation.”

Comrades and friends, it is an open secret and a dialectical fact that change is the only constant flux in the universe and any human or institution that refuses to change is headed for extinction or destruction. Therefore, as a revolutionary party whose foundation is deeply rooted in historical materialism and democratic socialism, we must embrace the wind of change and transmogrified or transcend from the days of being a mere campus based political party to a national revolutionary vanguard party. SUP after 50th years of existence can not remain in the narrow confines of this university while novice political institutions without any ideological foundation continue to lead our people the wrong way. The current ruling establishment was just founded twelve years ago with no clear ideological footing but with borrowed concepts and catchphrases from us and today they’re in state power. The former ruling Unity Party (UP) was founded almost twenty-six years ago on the back of the sweat and labor of ideologues of this party and so is the estwhile National Patriotic Party (NPP) that was founded by the warlord Charles Taylor. So, as we celebrate this 50th anniversary, I want us to reflect on the past 50 years, put our acts together and provide national leadership for our people. To be blunt and more clear, I suffice to mean that we must take state power. But the million dollar question is — how can we take state power? We must organised, unite and create a common front in the progressive community and on the national scene. We must incorporate new mechanism such as technology and media ownership as well as grass root mobilization. We must bring PAL, MOJA, SUP, LINSU, FLY, MRYUP-LIBERIA CHAPTER and all progressive revolutionary organizations with a single umbilical cord. We must do away with sectarianism and situational radicalism in the progressive community. We must lead the people struggle selflessly with honesty and integrity for progress. Henceforth, on this day, when we call for a national revolutionary vanguard party, we are calling for a party that will provide ideological and progressive leadership for this country. We are calling for a party that will put emphasis and dignity on the Liberian people. We are calling for a party that enspoused the rulership of the masses, by the masses and for the masses. We are calling for a masses Party!

SUP believes that Liberia can not be transformed if this country is not led by ideological men and women. Until ideological men and women come to state power in this country, Liberia is only going to continuously be in the circus of debauchery and misgovernance.

To this end, we will continue to struggle for our people, to advocate for students’ rights, social justice academic freedom, peace and equality, we will continue to fight for the economic dignity and decency of our people by demanding for a fair share of the proceeds of their natural resources, satisfactory salaries and wages for civil servants and they should be paid on time, jobs opportunity, freedom of expression and of the press, and good education for the youth, good health care and a conducive democratic space for the political participation of all.

In this light, on the 50th anniversary celebration, we want to use this occasion to demand the following but not limited to:

1. The full salary payment of all Judiciary Staffers, Legislative Staffers, Health Workers, Teachers, Servicemen and Civil Servants

2. The Government of Liberia put an end to lawlessness and respect the rule of law, specifically to adhere to the Supreme Court ruling on the postponing of the referendum and the ECOWAS Court ruling on the reinstatement of former Associate Justice Kabinah Jan’eh or GOL paid in full the fine of twenty-thousand(20,000) for legal indemnity.

3. The Government of Liberia address properly the scourge of RAPE, SGBV and all forms of domestic violence against girls and women.

4. The Government of Liberia ensure security for citizens and put an end to the evil of secret killings.

5. The Government of Liberia must depoliticized the University of Liberia and hands-off the Vanguard Student Unification Party( SUP).

Hence, we remain even more resolved than ever before in our quest for quality education at the University of Liberia as well as advancing the ideology and philosophy Massescracy. Nothing can make us thwart this historical agenda of SUP which is advocating for thousands of struggling and poor students and the poorest of the masses of the people. We are determined to continue fighting for social justice, academic freedom and peace in the walls of the University of Liberia with our last blood and we are even more determined to fight for the political and economic liberation of the Liberian masses outside the narrow walls of the University with our life. This is the path we have chosen and it is a dangerous journey for which we are prepared to lay down our lives. May history not despise us because we have been very kind to history in our 50th years of history of existence. May history not despise us because history is made by the people and only the people, and we have always stood on the side of the people, which we believe is the right side of history. May history not despise this generation because this generation is a generation of liberators, our only thirst is to liberate our people from the fist of their oppressors. May history not despise us because the history we are making here today, is revolutionary not conservative or revisionist and finally may history not despise us because the Liberian people deserve better leadership and that leadership can only come from the ideological revolutionary Vanguard Student Unification Party. And so we owe no apology for the role SUP has played for the last fifty (50) years because we have been on the side of history.

As I conclude, I want to reiterate our call for the University of Liberia to be depoliticized. Since this government came to power, the university campuses have been a trashcan for political decisions which has diminished the morale, independence and respectability of UL amongst the comity of universities around the world and in Liberia. Without any doubt or fear, the political pronouncement of free tuition by President Weah here, in this auditorium two years ago has injured this university massively. Since Mr. Weah free tuition political announcement, professors no longer take salaries and wages on time. Since the free tuition political pronouncement, there’s no proper management of the university campuses, there is a pellucid lack of stationaries and other teaching utensils, no running water and electricity and above all no extra curricular activities for students at the university. Everything on the campuses of the University of Liberia under the regime of Mr. Weah is a fiasco!

The e-learning was a catastrophic disaster. Today, almost 15, 000 students have dropped from school owing to the untimely and disorganized e-learning semester. The Free Tuition scheme and E-learning was diabolical political machines used by the Weah’s regime to silence the Vanguard Student Unification Party but both have failed very bigly. The free tuition was a big failure that has carried the university backward and e-learning is also a colossal failure. SUP has triumph!

There is a pressing need for the over 18,000 students to have access to internet, modern e-library, sophisticated computer lab, high-tech science laboratory, research center, adequate buses, an advanced clinic, modern sanitary latrines, safe drinking water, etc. The dying needs for these basic necessities cannot be overemphasized.

Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and friends, we want to reassure all students and the mass of the Liberian people that SUP will always stand in your defense – any time, anywhere, anyday and by any means possible. If we could defeat the oligarchs and despots yesterday, we can certainly triumph over mafias, kleptocrats and looters today. The day of your political and economic freedom is coming soon and SUP shall lead the way as we continue to advance the ideology and philosophy of Massescracy.

Thanks so much to all veterans for your support to this golden jubilee, I say thanks to you militants, stalwarts, ideologues, paragons, well-wishers, allies, sympathizers and cadres — who are the backbone of the revolution for your courage and gallantry, and thanks to all and sundry who made this day a success. May God bless you all. May God bless our nation and it’s people. Long Live SUP – Long Live Massescracy. In pursuit of social justice, academic freedom and peace, the STRUGGLE for an equal and just society remains unabated. Thank you all!

Signed: ___________________________________

Cde. Momo J. Peters



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