The Princess Switch 3: Everything We Know

Spoilers for The Princess Switch: Switched Again ahead.

Now that you’ve gulped down The Princess Switch: Switched Again like a glass of eggnog (somewhat guiltily and in the name of the holidays, that is), it’s time to look ahead: Was there really any question that Netflix would order a third movie? A new installment in the identity-swapping franchise was confirmed last month, per Entertainment Tonight. In it, Hudgens will continue to juggle the roles of Chicago baker Stacy De Novo, Montenaro Duchess (now Queen) Margaret Delacourt, and conniving cousin Fiona.

Ahead, everything we know about the next chapter in this saga, including Hudgens’s thoughts on playing another new character.

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Vanessa Hudgens will (probably) not play any more characters

Halt your calls to the Screen Actors Guild—Hudgens is all maxed out on characters. “There will be still three of me, which is more than enough in my opinion,” she told PopSugar when asked about the third movie. “We’ve been working on the script, continuing to elevate the franchise because it’s always scary doing sequels. But it’s going to be fun. There’s going to be great ‘fits. I’m really excited.”

the princess switch switched again vanessa hudgens as stacy margaret fiona, mia lloyd as olivia, nick sagar as kevin in the princess switch switched again cr mark mainznetflix © 2020

Mark Mainz/NETFLIX © 2020

Most of the OG cast will likely return.

Unlike Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, there’s no need to mourn killed-off characters in this Christmas universe. Sam Palladio (Nashville) and Nick Sagar (Shadowhunters) will probably return for a third movie as love interests Edward (to Stacy) and Kevin (to Margaret). It’s unclear whether Antonio (Lachlan Nieboer) will be returning after his attempts to romance Margaret fall flat.

The movie will film in Scotland for a 2021 release date.

When news of the third movie broke, Entertainment Tonight reported that the project would film in Scotland later this year and aim for a 2021 release date. The Princess Switch 3 will also likely be released in November, as were the first two movies. In the meantime, Hudgens has solidified herself as a patron saint of festive Netflix films with The Knight Before Christmas (also getting a sequel).

Wait, will there be more Netflix Christmas character cameos?

One of the most shocking moments in The Princess Switch: Switched Again (other than the fact that the movie exists at all) is the unexpected A Christmas Prince cameo. Queen Amber (Rose McIver), King Richard (Ben Lamb), and their baby Princess Elleri actually show up at Margaret’s coronation for a brief spell. (Is it bad that I quietly noted the two monarchies co-exist peacefully?)

the princess switch switched again the princess switch switched again cr netflix © 2020


But this guest appearance means more than meets the eye. Some have suggested a shared Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe (NCCU?) where A Christmas Prince, The Princess Switch, and A Knight Before Christmas all exist in the same reality. Lest you forget, the fictional country of Aldovia where A Christmas Prince takes place is mentioned in The Knight Before Christmas. By that logic, this is a world populated with no less than four women who look exactly like Vanessa Hudgens. Buckle up, folks, The Princess Switch 3 could be a wild ride.

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