Ebonyi Governor, Umahi, Dumps PDP, Joins APC

After days of speculation, Dave Umahi, Ebonyi State governor, has formally defected from the Peoples Democratic Party to the All Progressives Congress.

The governor, who defected to the APC on Tuesday along with members of his cabinet, said the South-East geo-political zone has suffered injustice from the PDP.

His possible defection to the APC has been for quite a while.

Speaking with journalists, Umahi said he had no regrets moving to the APC. 

The governor said he moved to the party because of injustice metted out to the South-East by the PDP.

He said, “Let me clear the air and state that I never sort for the ticket of PDP Presidency and I will not. Whoever that said that I moved to APC because they refused to zone the ticket to me is being very mischievous. Because even if PDP promises me, an individual a presidential ticket, how does it work?
“It is expected that we’ll over 8000 delegates would elect the person and such promise can not happen without more than 10 or 20 people. People are being very mischievous but I tell you, there are a lot of prominent people from South-East that can take the slot of PDP.
“Why am I moving to APC?, some people said I was promised this and that but I tell you, there is no such discussion. APC never promised me any position, they never promised South-East any position, there was no such discussion, however I offered this movement as a protest to the injustice being done to South-East by the PDP since 1998 till date.”


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