A/R: Regional Population Advisory Committee Inaugurated

A 15-member Ashanti Regional Population Advisory Committee (RPAC) has officially been inaugurated.

The Committee which is established pursuant to section 8 of the National Population Council (NPC) Act, (Act 485 of 1994) within the framework of Government decentralization policy, will identify and address the region’s specific population challenges and harnessing resources to steer it affairs.

The committee is expected to take full ownership of population programs in the region and see to it that all population-related challenges are addressed.

Miss Mercy Adomaa Besseah, the Ashanti Regional Director of National Population Council (NPC) addressing the gathering says the population programs should be seen as important enough to justify the allocation of sufficient resources.

According to her, despite limitations on resources, there are strategic planning and management the committee would employ to be successful.

She said, through strategic planning and effective management, the end product will be to ensure nothing but value for money

In a speech read on behalf of the Ashanti minister Hon. Simon Osei Mensah by Regional Coordinating Director, Mr. Joseph Donkor says population management can not be overemphasized.

He reiterated that proper population management reduces rates of abortion, infant and maternal mortality, unintended pregnancies, as well as improves education and life expectancy, and therefore this is enough evidence to focus on it.

He said it is important, therefore “to recognize the institutionalization of the supportive body such as RPAC which is multi-sectorial and multi-disciplinary in nature to lead the change that we envisaged”.

He further stated that the Ashanti region is being jeopardized by high population growth. It is being influenced by economic activities, agriculture, and mining. For this reason, a periodic review of region-specific population-related issues through policy advocacy, research, monitoring, and evaluation is timely and relevant.

He assured that The Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) will laisse with the National population council to have the committee replicated at all district levels of the region.

He pledged that RCC will encourage collaborative efforts between stakeholders to address the numerous challenges of inadequate funding, logistics, and equipment.


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