VIDEO: Danger Looms On Accra Tema Motorway As Portions Cave In

There is looming danger on the Accra Tema motorway as visible signs showing portion of the road caving in.

The situation which has been lingering on the for the past seven months is becoming scary and deadly.

In a video recorded by a concerned citizen Dennis Abani, the support systems of the bridge immediately after the Ashaiman underpass when coming from Accra is being chopped off by floods.

According to Mr Dennis Abani, the situation on the Ashaiman highway has persisted for the past seven months with no attention given by those in authority.

He is calling on the authorities to fix the situation and not wait till someone dies.

“I have taken it upon myself to draw the attention of the authorities. We shouldn’t wait for a disaster to happen before we come to fix it. This is very bad.

“Please the authorities should take note and fix it. We are begging them. We don’t want any disaster to come before they come with escalators to save lives”, Dennis is heard saying in the video.

Watch full video below:

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