The Vanguard 529—a premier plan that’s setting the pace

A proven brand partner

Fortunately, The Vanguard 529 Plan has been future-focused all along. We’re committed to offering a premier savings plan that can help you give your children the education they deserve. And because we’re backed by decades of Vanguard financial experience, you’ll profit from low costs, expert management, and the stability of a company that’s grown to be one of the largest managers of money in 529 savings plans.*

New enhancements

The Vanguard 529’s variety of investment options also stands out as a strong point, and our upcoming enhancements will make them even better. We’ve recently shifted from age-based investment options to a simpler, more versatile enrollment-year approach. With Target Enrollment Portfolios, you can have the ease and flexibility of investing in a portfolio that corresponds to the date you expect your child to enter school—whether that’s K–12, a college or trade school, or beyond.

Like age-based options, enrollment portfolios are low-maintenance because their asset mix adjusts automatically to become more conservative as the enrollment date draws near. However, in Target Enrollment Portfolios, the adjustments occur more often and they’re more gradual, which reduces the potential for risk—an especially calming factor in unpredictable markets such as those we’ve seen this year.

If you’re more of a do-it-yourself investor and prefer to create your own strategy by selecting from among our many individual 529 portfolios, there’s good news for you too: Almost all of these portfolios have decreased their fees, making the already-low costs about as low as 529 costs go.

But should I be investing now?

Good question. And yes, you should be. Our new Target Enrollment Portfolios are built to withstand seesaw markets over the long term, so now could be a better-than-good time to get started—especially if you put what you’d normally spend on extras like eating out and entertainment into a 529 plan instead.

Looking ahead

So there you have it—an overview of how saving in The Vanguard 529 Plan could bring the future into clearer focus and help you feel confident about helping children you love get where they dream of going.

And maybe this forward thinking can also help you feel hopeful about getting back to the hustle and bustle of real schools, where “the dog ate my homework” just might qualify as a legitimate excuse once again.


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