EC’s Heinous Procurement Sins Bigger Than Disqualified Aspirants Minor Errors – Franklin Cudjoe

President of IMANI-Africa, Franklin Cudjoe has accused the Electoral Commission of unfairness in the disqualification of 5 Presidential aspirants from the December polls.

Franklin berated the high-handed decision by the Election management body(EMB) claiming the grounds for the disqualification of Marricke Kofi Gane, Nana Agyenim Boateng and others smacks of injustice.

“This earth, my brother. Imagine the EC disqualifying candidates on comparably minor correctable infractions to its heinous procurement sins that caused it to rig bidding and also use one day to pass a multi-million dollar biometric systems after a carefully crafted shambolic process. This earth, my brother. Hmmm,” Franklin wrote in a Facebook post.

Marricke Kofi Gane, Nana Agyenim Boateng, and three others were disqualified for failing to meet the EC’s requirements in the December polls.

The EC announced their disqualification on Monday, while it cleared 12 others to stand in the December Presidential race.

Meanwhile, some disqualified Presidential hopefuls have served notice of their intention to challenge the EC’s decision in court.

Marricke Kofi Gane disclosed his plans to the public in a Facebook video moments after his disqualification indicating his resolve to challenge the EC in that decision.

“We have to ensure that we do everything possible to ensure that the things that need to be redressed are redressed. We’ll take this up and we will go forward and see what best we can do to resolve this. There are many ways to resolve this and we will explore every one of them.”



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