Residents Of Kwao Bondzie Call For More Police Patrols Over Land Guard Attacks

Residents of Kwao Bondzie in the Awutu Senya West District of the Central Region have called on the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to intensify police patrols in the area.

The calls come on the back of recent land guard activities in the area which has left the people, especially, women and children in fear.

Just a little over a week ago, the Asafohene of Odukpong Ofaakor Nai Ohipi Darko was allegedly shot and killed by land guards after he visited a disputed land at Kwao Bondzie.

Speaking to Citi News, some residents of the community expressed worry over the rampant shooting and violence in the area.

A resident, Dede complained that “the operations of these land guards are disturbing us in this community. They even go to the extent of going into the palace, and they are causing trouble in Kwao Bondzie.”

“About three weeks ago I was at home when I saw some guys on motorbikes. They asked about my husband and I told them he was not around. They told me to tell my husband that they came there to kill him but it was unfortunate that they didn’t meet him. I lost my pregnancy as a result of the fear I experienced from their visit,” another resident stated.

She added that they destroyed her husband’s car, their doors, and other valuable items.

She also said the police advised her to stay away from the area after she lodged a complaint.

Another resident, Adawude, stated that “the situation with the land guards is very appalling. If you walk through the community, you will see them on motorbikes with guns. When someone is about to finish a building project, they go at night and demolish the project and when you ask about it, they attack you. There is fear and panic especially at night because they are restricting our freedom.”

She added that the activities of the land guards are negatively influencing their children as they now steal, smoke, and imitate them.

The residents called on the government to look into the attacks so that they can have peace in their community.

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