Separatist Group: ‘They Have UN On Their Side’ — Ernesto Yeboah Defends

Ernesto Yeboah a self-styled Commander-in-Chief of “Economic Fighters League”, a radical Nkrumahist group has alleged that members of the Western Togoland secessionists groups have the law and the United Nations on their side.

According to Ernesto, who at times refers to himself as a radical reformist, it will be naive for anyone including the government to think of using violence to counter the separatists.

“Truth be told, they have the law on their side. The United Nations is also on their side. It will be naive for anybody to suggest the use of violence in resolving this matter,” Ernesto wrote on Facebook.

He urges government to use diplomacy in resolving the problem as well as unconditionally respect the rights of the secessionists.

“It requires tact, diplomacy and unconditional respect for their rights,” he stated.


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