Panabo community laments for help to enable their children to get back to school after COVID-19

Panabo is a rural community in the western north region of Ghana.

The community had access to classroom blocks for primary education until in January 2020 the classrooms all got broken down. Not even one is left. From dilapidated classrooms to now no classrooms. Please see the current situation on youtube

Whiles it seems a blessing in disguise that the classrooms did not collapse on the pupils and teachers, the lack of classrooms was already an enormous challenge for pupils in the community to have access to education. Those who can walk have to foot for 45minutes or more out of the community to access education.

If not for the COVID-19 and the goverment of Ghana directives on (partial) schools closure, and pupils were to return to school today, it will be huge challenge for the pupils of panabo.

The community leaders have since January 2020 been lamenting and pleading with the public and concern stakeholders to support panabo rebuild the classroom blocks before January 2021 when schools are scheduled to be re-opened in Ghana.

Please to help contac us by email: [email protected] or mobile phone 0542431667. All support received will be acknowledged publicly.


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