Teledata Offering Unlimited Internet Benefits To Home Users And Small Businesses

What is Teledata ICT Unlimited Internet? What does it mean to residential users and small business owners working from home? Unlimited Internet in general terms means limitless Internet usage without downloading/data caps.

That said, Teledata ICT Unlimited Internet simply means that existing and potential customers enjoy uninterrupted internet access to their homes and businesses without any cut. It’s just cool! The internet service’s dedicated to speed and reliability.

However, we hasten to say that, since private and commercial users often download so much stuff like movies, play interactive games, upload large files, online schooling, research, and e-meetings. It affects the bandwidth of other subscribers. Many, internet service providers (ISPs) in those contexts, tend to limit the internet speed of heavy users, to fairly and evenly distribute the bandwidth among other subscribers.

Teledata ICT, undoubtedly, does not apply the same model. The company provides fast, reliable, and affordable unlimited internet that suits the needs and wants of you and your business. Research shows that 98% of individuals and enterprises with access to the internet use mobile data or fibre-optic broadband internet connection. Amazingly, people find unlimited data plans cheaper compare to wireless or fibre-optic internet. But the truth is that, if customers would only try for a second to cost-related the usual mobile data with the enormous benefits of unlimited fibre-optic internet offers to their homes, as well as business, they would understand and appreciate to switch to more solution-oriented internet connectivity – Teledata ICT Unlimited Internet.

At Teledata ICT, the internet service’s strictly dedicated and unlimited and comes with 1, 3, 6, and 12 months packages. It’s that simple and straightforward! We have your happiness at home and business growth at heart! So, for instance, we are currently running an Unlimited Internet campaign promo; when you sign up for 3 or 12 months of our packages, like the; Internet Starter, Internet Plus, Internet Essentials, Internet Priority, and Internet Premium you will enjoy free installations, router, and pole. Let’s face the reality, unlimited internet, without been truly limitless and dedicated with speed, is a waste disposable income or perhaps a financial burden on the company’s resource and investment.

Hurry, take advantage of the current Unlimited Internet promo NOW, and win BIG!

Teledata ICT fibre-optic broadband is a non-shared internet service best suited for your small business and home office. The packages give you Unlimited Internet usage ensuring a worry-free experience at high speeds. We guarantee that your business always stays online with excellent support and world-class services. Customer’s business success matters to us. Therefore, we are keen on providing customers a dedicated service, and, this means, our cherished existing and potential customers don’t share the unlimited internet speed with any of their friends/neighbours who are also using the same service.

The service is structured such that all customers are given a specific bandwidth at a rate; it’s impossible to share the package speed with others.

Teledata ICT unlimited internet connection offers you the best of service you can imagine. So, you wouldn’t have to top-up your data bundle in a mid-month. It is flexible! Just pay one fixed price a month, 3-months, 6-months, or 12-months to control and predict your business costs – and home expenses, then browse as much as you can!

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Emmanuel Kaiser

The writer is a Marketing and Content Creator at Teledata ICT Ltd.

Teledata ICT is a privately owned Ghanaian company and one of the country’s best internet service providers. The company provides high-speed unlimited broadband internet services for your home & business.

Contact: [email protected]

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