Tano South: Cleanup Exercise Held At Akobro

Tano South: Cleanup Exercise Held At Akobro

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The Assemblymember for Akobro/Nyamebeye electoral area Hon. Afoakwa Kwasi has organise a cleanup exercise in the area.

This exercise was aimed at cleaning the environment and inculcating the habit of cleanliness in electorates.

The clean-up exercise attracted a large number of people who participated in distilling choked gutters, weeding and sweeping of the environment.

In his address, Hon. Afoakwa thanked all participants for coming in their numbers to support such a good course, he mentioned that cleanliness is next to godliness and for that matter, it was necessary to keep the environs clean.

He continued by educating participants on COVID-19 safety protocols and urged them to teach others in their homes and community.

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Hon. Afoakwa speaking at the function

Hon. Afoakwa advised the people not to dump refuse indiscriminately and later turn to clean them and urged all and sundry to be regular participants in all cleanup exercises. He said, the exercise has helped tremendously to beautify the environment and has also helped to reduce cases of malaria and other airborne diseases.

Speaking at the close of the clean- up exercise, Abuba Fuseni who represented the environmental health officer at Techimantia said, the clean-up exercise is to tidy their environments and must be treated as such.

He said a clean environment breeds healthy people and healthy people become productive in the socio-economic life a nation and urged all present not to make the exercise a nine-day wonder.

He indicated it will go a long way to bring sanity into our environment and urged all officials of the Assembly to enforce a law to make the exercise binding.


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