International Youth Day: Our Time Is Now By Ezra Ajiboye

Today should be a day of Reflection; a day to look inwards. Not like other days. Today, we, as youth, in the, arguably, most endowed territory of the planet-Earth, must take time out to ponder why our many Blessings have little or no impact on our Development as a people. 

Today, we must look beyond individual accomplishments and aspirations, individual traits and dispositions. We must expand our thoughts for the furtherance of a collective Agenda.

For too long, we’ve wallowed in poverty (hardly of our own making), neglected our Birth-rights, and submitted our Destinies into the hands of ‘thoughtless, compassionless, and greedy microscopic few, who should be our guides. We’ve settled for crumbs where the meal is ours. We’ve embraced pennies, where we are Stakeholders. Not anymore!

The time is right for Nigerian youth to RISE! No better time. To take what’s rightfully ours. We have what it takes to be active stakeholders in every sphere of life in this Nation. 

In Politics, we must begin to look inwards. We must create opportunities for ourselves to proffer ‘youthful’ solutions to Nigeria’s problems. Our current leaders have failed. Failed to proffer Innovative solutions to Nigeria’s deteriorating problems, as is the case in other parts of the World. It is time we create space for ourselves to put to practice all we’ve learnt, we know and have within us. Make no mistake about this, Nigerian youths have and still hold the Frontline around the Globe for innovation and tactics. 

In Business, they must hear our VOICE! They must begin to create enabling environment with adequate incentives and accessible long-term supports for young Entrepreneurs. 

It  is time! Our Time Is NOW! Not next year.

Electioneering engagements are underway in some parts of the country. The youth must stay ‘WOKE.’ 

In 2023, we should be dictating who becomes the President, Governors and other frontline Political positions. Not god-fathers, not money. 

All-over the World, the youth are taking their place. Nigerian youth must not be left behind. 

A word is enough for the wise.

Ezra Ajiboye is an Abuja-based Broadcaster, Writer and Speaker.


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