Big Boost For Women In Agribusiness: Guzakuza Launches Crowdfunding To Support 100 Women

There is a big boost for women in Agribusiness in Africa following the virtual launch of Crowdfunding platforms by Guzakuza NGO on Monday 20th July 2020, to raise funds to support about 100 women in Agribusiness.

The Fundraising platforms include Gofundme, Alexpay & Facebook.

The virtual event was also used to launch the Ignite 2020 to call for applications from women in the Agribusiness sector.

The Ignite is a model Agri-accelerator Ignite is for women in Agribusiness under 40 years old and it is implemented and tested in full in Accra, Ghana. Ignite raises public and private funding to finance its operations.

Having realised that young women in Agribusiness find it difficult to scale-up due to factors like inadequate technical know-how, market access limitation, and a lack of mentorship, we started Ignite, an Agri-business accelerator model for African young women in Agribusiness.

Since 2016, ignite has been heavily subsidized unto 90% by our corporate and individual sponsors. However, the story seems to be different this year.

The sudden outbreak of the CoronaVirus Pandemic has hit most of our sponsors badly. As such they are unable to fund this year’s Ignite programme.

According to the organisers, they are seeking to make this whole experience easier and make Ignite 2020 free for every woman in Agribusiness who needs it.

According to them, this will enable many young women in agribusiness on the African continent to build their own capacities, receive toolkits, relevant resources, and a community of like-minded peers.

In effect, they will be able to build disruptive agribusinesses that can withstand uncertainties and in effect be able to produce food for the world’s population.

During the launch, some past igniters shared their experience with the audience.


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