Attempts To Elect Asutifi North PM Fails For The 4th Time

Attempts To Elect Asutifi North PM Fails For The 4th Time

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The Asutifi North District Assembly(ANDA) in Ahafo Region has yet again failed to elect a Presiding Member(PM) to preside its meetings after several attempts.

This occurred at Kenyasi, capital of the district when 39 persons thus the District Chief Executive(DCE), assembly Members and Government Appointees went to the poll supervised by the Electoral Commission(EC) to elect the assembly’s PM to steer general assembly meetings as the law demands.

The exercise been the 4th ever since residents in the district elected their assembly members in December 2019 saw Honourable(Hon) Daniel Tawiah recording 23 votes whiles (Hon). Nana Adu – Bonus Elisha O’Shea securing 15 votes, meaning non was able to have the two – thirds(2/3) of the total votes to named as PM for the assembly.

” Two – thirds of 39 is 26 and per the outcome non secured the needed votes ” EC stated before the house.

Addressing the house, the District Coordinating Director(DCD), Samuel Badu Baiden explained, the two candidates can not vie for the position again because for four consecutive times, the members are unable to pick one of them. He said, new Assembly members interested to hold the position of PM are now entitled to do so per the law governance act.

” We will inform the Regional Coordinating Council(RCC) to of the happenings and know the next step to take ” the District Coordinating Director mentioned.

According to some assembly members and government appointees CHRONICLE spoke with after the exercise, it is unbelievable for the district’s inability to elect PM up to date. To them, per what has happened the ANDA is losing in terms of getting developmental projects for the residents who had trust in them(assembly members) to solicit for projects to improve their living conditions and it is a worrying situation.

The worried assembly members disclosed that partisan politics have set in the election of their leader and it is making it extremely difficult due to numbers the assembly has on board. They explained if care is not taken and things are not properly shaped the ANDA will not have PM for several years per what is happening.

“We need to make broader consultations to avert the current situation else we have failed our people ” they stated passionately.

They added it is a worrying situation now because no Sub – Committee is able to function due to the lack of PM for the assembly which is pathetic. According to them, assembly is not Functioning as expected in terms of everything.

“Virtually things have been halted and it is bad ” they mentioned.

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