Drivers In Kpone, Tema And Ashaiman Protest Over Bad Roads

Some commercial drivers who ply the roads from Kpone to Tema and Ashaiman have parked their cars in protest over deplorable roads within the area today, Monday, 6th July.

Their action saw many passengers stranded as there were no vehicles to convey them to their various destinations.

The drivers, numbering about 150 complained that the bad nature of the roads within Kpone has seriously affected their trade over the years.

“What we are saying is that our road is not good. It should take five minutes to drive to Tema but because of the road, we spend almost an hour. So we are saying we want the road to be fixed else no taxi or trotro will work until it is fixed. Since I started working from Kpone to Tema, the road has always been bad. We complained to the authorities to come and fix it but we are yet to see changes. Since the rains started we have been suffering a lot.

“This road has been here for a long time but no one is fixing it so we have decided to sit down for two weeks without working. So today we have gathered here to draw the attention of the elders to the situation and to call on them to fix the road for us. When it rains, our cars break down on the road so they should fix it now.”

Meanwhile, some of the stranded passengers who spoke to Citi News complained bitterly about the inconvenience the protest has caused.

“Normally in the morning when I am going to work, I don’t find it difficult to get a vehicle to work, it is always very easy. But today the pending issue is that our roads are so bad that no car wants to move. We have been standing here since morning but no car is moving. I am stuck here because of the road.”

“I use this road to work always but nowadays the road is filled with potholes. When it rains you can’t even go to work. The drivers are suffering and that is why they are saying they won’t ply the route again so we are urging the leaders to do something about it.”

— citinewsroom


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