Sweet Taboo [Episode 7] Till Till Till (Poetry 18+) Ablah Writes

Ding Dong, Ding Dong
The Taboo lives on
My Nii! my Night!

For my vow is sacred
To keep and nurture
The one thing so dear

The fire burns, yes it does
And oh what passions it ignites
Lofty dreams  provoked
To touch, to hold, to be held….

Blue balls not my wish
The distance a necessity
I withdraw not for fear 
But reverence for the Sacred

If wishes were horses
The wind’s sails will fly me to your warmth

To gaze once more
At your packed packs
To be lost in your glistering eyes
To hold and never release

I’ll whisper not
But shout it out
That a heart’s resolve 
overcometh a heart’s desire.
And so it shall
Till till till.

Oh Nii, my fingers are crossed
My heart my all
Yours till till till

Ding Dong
The Taboo still holds
Till till till!

Yours Ablah

Authored by Clemkoenya 17th June 2020


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