Nigeria, Heal Yourself! By Evans Ufeli Esq

There’s something about the Nigerian space, such that if you are not very careful and deliberate in your application of your creative aspirations, you will most likely turn out average or a nobody.

The propensity to turn out a failure even with incredible talent is commonplace in our environment in Nigeria. We do not walk straight in this country but most times, we think nothing is wrong. We are unconsciously built for survival – staying on the threshold of marginal stagnation and retrogressive equation – a ruthless economic reality that counts us in a third-world status.

So many things are wrong here.

I have met people – successful people in all ramifications of life, but when I get closer to some, the quality of their thoughts and the weight of their character. I have noticed how damaging this environment contracts its nuisance value. This is an expression of fact from a keen behavioural observation that requires national emergency. The human damage and possible human capital repair formation that we need in this country is not only national therapy but a door to door home-grown healing solution to dislodge this national emotional accident.

The economic injustice, mob attraction, toxic manipulations, widespread hatred, ethnic xenophobia, corruptive misrepresentations, mindless political subservience and poverty multiplication. No nation can stay resourceful without a deliberate attempt to address its fundamental social ills with long-term strategic solutions. The sovereign must bear this in mind and apply herself to the test of curative expression and a retooling campaign to birth a new nation where peace and justice shall reign. But this is not where we are at the moment. We are still a far cry away from what we should have become. 

So when you hear the idealistic voice of a young man, loud in the dingy forest of the South-West, calling for an Oduduwa Republic, you know something is wrong with the sovereign. If you probe this deep enough, he is asking the same economic questions for which the sovereign has failed to provide answers. When the situation gets worse he takes up arms against the sovereign and pulls all the weapons within its reach to exterminate the authority of the sovereign. In defense, the sovereign will spend more to keep itself away from the prodigal region his lack of tact has produced.

And when you look South-East there’s a loud cry over those red hills of our heroes past. This voice has seen war at some point in our history but her tears still drop every other day and the sovereign looks the other way. The sovereign suffers from passive obscurantism – a state of sociopathic indifference that fails shamelessly at putting its house together under manageable control.

We cannot say it is okay to leave our diversity under the towering threat of disintegration, the sovereign must demonstrate a commitment to do economic justice, empower and unite regional fronts and count our diversity as a mark of strength by eschewing careless governance by embracing marginal and technical collaborations for global prosperity.

Evans Ufeli is a legal practitioner based in Lagos, Nigeria


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