Nation Building Is Our Collective Duty By Adeola Soetan

God does not carry a nation’s burden.

Citizens do and unburden themselves with their courage and will-power to struggle. Even in God’s own country, Americans didn’t go to God through their prayer centres for divine intervention when killer Cop Derek publicly executed George Floyd. They are on the streets till now protesting and the civilised world joined them in solidarity to condemn racism and police brutality so that the world can breathe and breathe better.

I always smile anytime I hear Nigerians and their religious leaders, out of frustration, fear or despondency, saying that  we should hang our socio-economic and political problems on God’s neck to solve for us. A supplication to God/Allah to fight our oppressive, irresponsible leaders in Nigeria who have made breathing very difficult for us while they can breathe well and also have access to inexhaustible reservoir of unpolluted oxygen “in case of incasity”. 

But if only you appreciate that the oppressors and bad leaders you want God to fight on your behalf are closer to God religiously then you will know that any supplication for intervention is a waste of time. They pray and fast regularly, they go on holy pilgrimage to Mecca and Jerusalem frequently while they also sponsor thousands of poor people to these places. Their palatial compounds  are decorated with beautiful mosques and chapels where angels are literally enticed and domesticated to serve them only. Apart from this, they build and  donate mosques and churches, empower pastors and imams and they have many leagues of paid  or voluntary prayer warriors and intercessors who are ever ready to go to hell on their behalf.

Honestly, I don’t know how God can help you, the poor and struggling citizens, who because of your economic status, cannot even keep faith with your religious injunctions and scriptural expectations. Many of you cannot even afford specially fortified anointing oil and “Hantu”.

Honestly, I still don’t know how you want and expect God to fight your corrupt and irresponsible leaders, who have been unleashing bad governance on you over the years with your acquiescence and lethargy. I doubt. 

Organise, mobilise and struggle for good governance right from your community to the national level. Don’t be hooked on religionism or ethnic prejudice as a distraction to protest and fight for common good. Heaven/God fights for those who fight for themselves for good governance. 


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