COVID-19 Should Not Stop Fight Against Non-Communicable Diseases – Dr Beatrice Wiafe

The Chairperson of the Ghana Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance Network, a group of NGOs in health, Dr Beatrice Wiafe Addai has said the over-concentration on COVID-19 at the expense of other diseases could have dire consequences on the country’s health sector.

According to her, there is an anticipated increase in late-stage Non-Communicable Diseases at health facilities across the country after COVID-19.

Patients with Diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and other underlying health conditions have been identified as those who are more vulnerable to coronavirus.

Officials from the Ghana Health Service (GHS) have indicated that many people who died of coronavirus in Ghana had some of these underlying health conditions.

Dr Wiafe Addai, who spoke during a presentation of hand sanitizers and face mask to the over 800 members of the to the Peace and Love Survivors Association is worried about complications that will come up after COVID-19.

“People have stopped taking their medications and we anticipate a lot of complications after COVID-19. This is the reason why I am so happy to find you the media here. So, please take the message to them. We are already worried about the complications that we are going to receive after the COVID-19 is over. Already we see a lot of late-stage diseases. We see women coming with huge breast tumours, that was before COVID-19.”

“What are we going to see after COVID-19? We think that if we don’t do a lot of education, we are going to receive people with an advanced-staged disease that we cannot even help,” she said

Dr Wiafe Addai, who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Breast Care International (BCI) advised patients to visit the hospital should they notice any abnormality.

She added that “Breast cancer is still there; Covid-19 did not come to stop breast cancer. So, please check yourselves, examine your breast every month and if you find any abnormality, go to the hospital for you to be checked. Because we need to continue treating the diseases”.

She handed over the face mask and the sanitizers which were delivered by the supported by Ghandour Cosmetics to be distributed to members of the Peace and Love Breast Cancers Survivors Association.

She also urged the beneficiaries to continue to practice the safety measures including social distancing, regular hand-washing, and the wearing of the face mask.

President of the Peace and Love Breast Cancers Survivors Association, Vivian Gyasi-Sarfo who received the items said the gesture will aid vulnerable members.

She extended the Association’s appreciation to Ghandour Cosmetics, Peace and Love Hospital and Breast Care International(BCI).


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