Zora wins LOT Nigeria Essay competition

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30 years after they tried to balkanise Nation: Nigeria is almost a failed state — Tony Nyiam

30 years after they tried to balkanise Nation: Nigeria is almost a failed state — Tony Nyiam

In a bid to discover and showcase the writing talents of young Nigerians, ‘Leaders of Tomorrow Nigeria’ (LOTNigeria), announced an essay writing competition on its social media pages. It called out young adults aged 13-18 to submit a paper on How Nigeria can boost her medal counts in Tokyo 2021.

After receiving and rigorously going through over 300 submissions, @LOTNigeria declared Zora Anetor-Ebhabha as the runner-up winner of the essay competition.

Zora stated in her essay that sport is the one thing that unites humanity in bliss and anticipation, adding that sports will forever bond humanity irrespective of their age, status or discipline.

On the need for Nigeria to prepare adequately for the forthcoming Tokyo 2021, she wrote: “It would be implausible to forget the 1996 Olympics when the astounding Chioma Ajunwa and Nigeria’s incredible U23 team exhibited remarkable brilliance, earning us our first individual gold medal in Nigeria and first gold in Olympic football respectively.

“Unfortunately, since that splendid feat, Nigeria has made five more appearances, hardly exhibiting any outstanding performance. With the sixth on our doorstep, which is the Tokyo 2020, rescheduled to take place in 2021 due to the outbreak of coronavirus, it is only reasonable to ask ourselves, “How do we turn ‘making appearances’ into ‘making history?’

“ First and most importantly, preparation overrides all other requirements. Benjamin Franklin once uncovered, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” With exceptional athletes like Okagbare and Okocha, it is lucid to all that Nigeria is a country oozing with talent- discovered, undiscovered and even yet to be born”.

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