Fight COVID-19 And Poverty Simultaneously—GUTA President

The President of Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA), Dr. Joseph Obeng has urged the Government to consider the fight against poverty as they put in comprehensive measures to fight COVID-19.

He said, in Africa, people have witnessed several diseases as well as poverty and have realised that poverty is bitter.

“I will urge the government to consider fighting against poverty too. In this part of the world (Africa), people have suffered from several sicknesses and poverty but have realised poverty is far bitter. Yes, the government has given out stimulus package which is a laudable initiative but more needs to be done so our own won’t go hungry”.

Speaking on easing of restrictions on social gatherings, he applauded the government for taking that bold decision and believes the president’s decision to ease restrictions was as a result of information health officials and advisers considered with roots on comprehensive analysis. “Besides, we can’t lock ourselves down forever, even most affected countries are lifting restrictions. I think it’s a good thing to do now”.

Additionally, he said the authorities have realised that the country can not eradicate it all before we resume our normal lives, hence we should all adhere to government directives.

“Ghana has demonstrated a holistic way of fighting against COVID-19 and we must applaud the president and other stakeholders for their tremendous work so far. Stigmatization would not help in this crucial moment, rather, be each other’s keeper and show love. that’s the only way surest way to bounce back as a country” Dr. Obeng noted.


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