Generous Hearts of USA COVID-19 Campaign donates to St Theresa’s Hospital in Nandom

Nandom – May, 2020 – An American based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Generous Hearts of USA COVID-19 Campaign has donated several items to the St Theresa’s Hospital in Nandom in the fight against the global pandemic.

The items 100 pieces of N95 respiratory nose masks, four packets of surgical face masks, 1000 pieces of examinable latex gloves, one BP apparatus (Omron), 100 pieces of nose mask for non-frontline workers and three sets of glucometers.

Generous Hearts also presented 300 pieces of ‘takeaway’ packs, 150 pieces of disposable spoons, 140 pieces of disposable bowls, 100 pieces of disposable cups, packs of tissue paper, two sets of Sharp Satellite Television sets and a satellite dish to be used at the Isolation center at the hospital.

A member of the Generous Heart team in Ghana, Miss Freda Pigru explained that, the NGO is to made up of young people who are generously donating to the cause of developing and supporting communities.

“This cause of donating to the St Theresa’s Hospital is to help in the fight against the global pandemic, COVID-19. We decided to provide some PPE and television sets, disposable bowls among many others in that regard” she added.

“We encourage the youth in and outside Nandom and other benevolent organizations to donate to the hospital in the fight against this disease.”

Dr. Aduwia David, medical superintendent of the St Theresa’s Hospital expressed gratitude to the NGO for the donations made to the hospital and called on more institutions and individuals to donate to support in the fight against the diseases.

“These donations have come at the right time. Isolation does not mean disconnection and so, these television sets will be served as a source of entertainment to those in isolation” he said.


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