Neglect Of Water Treatment Plant Causing Some Communities In Southern Volta To Run Double Track With Animals For Water.

We the members of the Volta youth forum are appalled by the sorrowful water situation that some communities have to go through in other to have access to water.

In communities such as Mafi Srekpe, Mafi Kpevenu- Tsati, Mafi- Hayiborkofe, Mafi- Zakofe, Mafi Srekpe- Kofedeke people leaving here have to compete with animals to get access to water from the Afiba dam.

On some occasions, the folks in these communities will have to run double track with the animals. The communities go to fetch their water from early morning to 10am whiles the animals take their turn at 11am to 3pm.

This problem of the people drinking muddy water and competing with animals for same would have been averted if the Nana Addo led government have completed the third phase of the Five District water project.

Currently, the first phase and second phase has been completed with the water treatment plant located at Adidome which was commissioned by Mahama in 2016.
What is left is the distribution phase to enable the people to have access to clean drinking water.

The inability of this phase to be done is making the people of Adaklu and other districts in the region to be severely hit by water problems.

We recalled how the Awormefia reminded president Nana Addo of the Anyako- Konu Seva potable drinking water project in 2017 however nothing is being done about it.

Currently, the water treatment plant at Agordorme which supplies water to South Tongu, Anloga and Keta districts is not able to meet the growing demands of the people due to population increase.

The Sogakope- Lome water project that is going to be the panacea to the water situation in South Tongu, Ketu South Keta, Anloga and supply water to Togo, nothing much has been heard of such project when Nana Addo took over as the president of the nation, though some initial works were done under former President Mahama before he left office.

We the members of the Volta youth forum are calling on the president to all look in the direction of Volta in its distribution of the national cake, currently, as it stands now if one has his eyes widely open, one cannot point to any significant project of Nana Addo in the Volta region. Hence completing the third phase of the five district water project and solving the Anyako water problem will be much relief to the people of the region.

We are appealing to him to complete the water project in the region because water is life.


Kojogah Cartius Aziedu

Christopher Galenkui

Albert Atsu Sosu

Nicolas Aklorbortu









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