Comply With Government Directives As You Celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr–Alhaji Sulley Issah 

Chief Alhaji Sulley Oubda Issah, Sarkin for Mosawa, Abeka in the Greater Accra region has urged all Muslims and Ghanaians to comply with the government’s directives as they celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr.

Chief Alhaji Sulley Oubda Issah who described the 2020 Eid celebration as an unusual one coming at a time when the world is battling a global pandemic, encouraged Muslims to carry out their Eid prayers at home as this exceptional circumstance demands and has been advised by Muslim scholars over the world.

“I urge every Muslim to adhere to what the government is saying on social gatherings, and that it is not healthy for us to meet as we have been meeting before. Let us observe our prayers at home with our family members and when this pandemic is over, we can come together again and observe our normal congregational worship. After all, we’ve been praying at home with our family members, did Allah not answer us?

According to him, the only way to close ranks and work towards defeating the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which has taken a heavy toll on the people’s spiritual, social, and economic lives to obey the government’s directives and keep the faith.

While informing Muslim faithful that “this year’s Eid event is an occasion for sober reflection, rather than celebration,” he also exhorted the wealthy to continue helping the less privileged “so that we can all come out of this pandemic stronger and more united.

He noted that the month of Ramadan was a period of spiritual overhauling, added that it would, therefore, be for the faithful to go back to those things that they renounced during fastings, such as bickering, envy, backbiting, lying, unguarded attachment to worldly activities and lack of concern for families, among others.

“To create the right environment for the acceptance of our prayers, we should live pure lives, devoid of sinful acts, hatred, disobedience, nepotism, corruption and other vices – most of which were avoided during the Ramadan. Going back to these acts is a vitiation of our sacrifices during the Holy month of Ramadan”, he said.

He encouraged them to continue to make use of hand sanitiser, facemask, disposable/washable hand gloves, as a matter of priority. According to him, despite the relaxation of lockdown; “we should all know that since the battle is yet to be fully won, it is our responsibility to remain prayerful, health-conscious, and go about our daily businesses without contravening laws and orders.”

He specifically tasked political leaders and those in positions of authority to adhere strictly to the rule of law, and to maintain justice, noting that there can be no peace in the absence of justice, even as they stress that public office holders should harness the country’s God-given resources to develop the country, rather than concentrating on selfish interests.


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