Know your COVID-19 diet 

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Know your COVID-19 diet 

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As numbers and mortality continues to rise in the country in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,   it is more critical than ever to keep families safe from the kitchen first and foremost

Three major nutrients have been identified as being particularly essential in the building of the body’s natural immunity to the coronavirus; experts say they should be present in all foods

The most popular sources of vitamin C in our part of the world are citrus fruits,i.e., oranges,   lemon, and lime.

100g of orange contains 53.2mg of vitamin C, which means an orange a day provides enough of the nutrient per day.   But oranges are not the best source of vitamin C. Bell peppers are,   and always in season. Mangoes,   which are in season now, are an excellent source.

Anti-inflammatory foods 

Since COVID-19 is partly an inflammatory condition, a diet rich in foods that fight inflammation has been recommended by experts.

While ginger,   which is commonplace in our part of the world,   is being widely used,   There are many others that are more effective.

Fatty fish such as Mackerel,   avocado, and nuts are super anti-inflammatory foods,   and walnuts are in season!

Vitamin D

This once relegated vitamin is now so desirable and can be got directly from the sun between 10 am and 11 am as is popularly known.   But there are actually foods rich in this vitamin,   including mushrooms, cod liver oil, liver, and cheese.


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