Nigerian prophet defends Fufeyin over false prophecy allegation

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A Nigerian Prophet, Pastor Gideon Isah has come in defence of Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri, Delta State, over allegations by an Ivorian atheist, that his prophecy on the COVID pandemic was false and never came to pass.

Fufeyin had predicted that the novel COVID-19 pandemic currently ravaging the world would gradually disappear across the world, beginning from the end of April.

But in a reaction to the prediction, an Ivorian atheist, Yanick Aka, in a widely circulated video on social media negated the March 21 prophecy of Fufeyin, describing the prediction as unfulfilled.

Aka was reported to had also insulted Fufeyin as well as other acclaimed Men of God, calling them all sorts of names and making disturbing accusations.

Isah, in an apparent defence of his spiritual father, said Fufeyin’s prediction had came to pass and events currently happening around the world lend credence to that.

According to him, the prophecy was very precise and had clearly stated that the pandemic would gradually starts to end in 38 days, from country to country, and that would occur batch by batch.

“Evidence also clearly shows that this has been the case since late April”, he stated.

The pastor who recalled how Fufeyin predicted the coming of the pandemic in 2014 and 2016, respectively, urged members not to be led astray by  “lies of a messenger sent by the enemy of the Body of Christ.”

He described Aka as a psychopath and a puppet to his spiritual father and sponsor, Kacou Philippe, who he said was a highly controversial troublemaker who was convicted and imprisoned in 2016 for his “misleading, satanic and mischievous practices, and subsequently banned from preaching in many countries, for 5 years.”

“The self- proclaimed “Prophet- Messenger” also has four children from four different women, and still had the nerve to use his puppet to point accusing fingers at other men of Faith, because he himself had been banned from continuing his Antichrist activities”, he added.

He stated that things such as going to the mountain to pray or dancing to the glory of God, were things done by the Fathers of Faith, in days of old, and were therefore biblical God-approved practices for men of God to carry out.

Isah declared that the wrath of God would be meted out upon men who tried to distort the word of God in their favor and claim to be demigods on earth as they were Worshiped by their follower.

According to him, Aka and his spiritual father must show proof of how they have been helping their nation and congregation to survive the COVID-19 Lockdown measures, before pointing accusing fingers at men who are making enormous impact, in this period.

He attested to Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin making massive donations and giveaways to the needy, and to assist the Federal Government.


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