Love and Lust, all in One (Nii writes back to Ablah)

Ablah, my sleepless night
I’ve failed to convince you,
In a million ways 
I’ve perceived your beauty
Open like petals
My strength always wanes
To flee your sweet temptations

My feelings you doubt
Or confused you are;
That such purity of confessions
Placed darts in your heart
That you enquire whether love or lust

The love that lasts
Oftentimes a progeny of lust
That loves,
Both dance in tandem 
To the pulse of the heartbeat

Broken I am 
Not to be even your two
My first you were too,
Swear, I did 
Never to aim at brides
Now constricted I am
Yet this cannot just end
For wishes never build castles,
Worthy it is 
To lose heaven
But gain your paradise

Ding dong!
Certainly, we must meet to exit
Not just to extinguish
But to plant
On your marshy meadow

Still a taboo, still sweet!

Nii Okai, No more perturbed

Authored by: Richard Bansah 17th May, 2020


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