Savannah Region: Bolewura Stops Methodist Church Wall Construction

Savannah Region: Bolewura Stops Methodist Church Wall Construction

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The Chief of Bole and the Head of the Bole Traditional Council has ordered the Methodist Church in Bole in the Savannah region to stop work on a fence wall to resolve an impasse between the community and the church over a land dispute in the area.

A letter from the palace signed by the Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso I cautioned all the parties in the land feud to stay away from the land while it finds an amicable solution to the dispute.

“The land being the property of the Bole Traditional Council, we reserve the right to impose reasonable bye-laws that will promote peace and development.”

Earlier, the Fingers Methodist Church Bole paid a courtesy call on him to brief him about an impasse between the church and inhabitants of Mempeasem a suburb of Bole over a parcel of land the church claims ownership of and is building a fence wall around it to stop encroachers from taking over the land.

But some members of the community were aggrieved by the fence wall claiming the church had encroached upon their lands.

The Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso I warns all parties in the feud to be cautious of the devastating effects of a possible conflict saying:

“The Bole township having emerged from dusk to dawn curfew would not be happy with another curfew which the current impasse is likely to generate.”

He also commended the Fingers Methodist Church for their peaceful stay in the area for over sixty years with the aim of winning souls for Jesus Christ and urged calm on the matter.

The letter however says the Council Palace will reach a decision in the future to resolve the deadlock that it perceives to cause conflict in the community if not checked:

“By a copy of this letter the church is hereby advised to stop completely the construction of the said fence wall until a proper demarcation of the area is done by the technical expertise of Bole District Assembly in order to protect lives and properties and also to bring lasting peace between the residents of the area and the church.”


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