Naval personnel allegedly escapes from Delta COVID-19 Isolation centre

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He appears a drug addict suffering drug withdrawal syndrome – sources


 Delta COVID-19 Isolation

 Delta COVID-19 Isolation

WARRI: A Naval officer has allegedly escaped from the COVID – 19 Isolation centre in Oghara, Ethiope West local government area, Delta state.

Vanguard gathered that the patient who was simply identified as Ahmed threatened doctors and nurses at the Isolation centre with a jackknife to give way for him to walk out of the centre. “ The doctors and nurses had no choice but to let him go”, sources within the centre said.

Continuing, the sources said the patient was brought in on May 1st and was at the Isolation centre till Saturday, May 10th when he allegedly escaped. “ He was brought in on May 1st. He was transferred to the COVID 19 Isolation centre from the DELSU COVID 19 Triage response team after they confirmed his situation. “, the sources added.

When asked what could have informed his action, the sources said the patient appeared like a drug addict, adding that he looked like one suffering drug withdrawal syndrome.

They said he also did not believe he had the virus. “ The patient looked like a drug addict who was suffering from drug withdrawal syndrome. He does not believe that he had COVID 19 case. The doctors, nurses had to give way when he threatened them with a knife to allow him out of the place “, they said.

Continuing, the sources said they heard he had reported at his place of work. “ If it is true that he has reported at his place of work then they should track all he has come in contact with and isolate them “.

When pressed for comment on the feeding situation at the isolation centre, the sources said the five patients who were there at the time of this report were properly cared for, stressing that feeding would certainly not be on the list of why the patient fled.

“The centre here is twenty space bedded. And the patients are well cared for. They even replace their boxers, singlets for them. This is to tell you how they are cared for. Don’t know if the cost of replacing the boxers and singlets is a private arrangement. But they don’t wear the same boxers and singlets twice “, Vanguard gathered

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