Mothers Are Our Comfort

Mothers Are Our Comfort

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Mother’s Day marks an important holiday to honour our mothers who raised us and to inspire women they can be good mothers because that is the will of God.

Mothers are our comfort. You remember as a child when you would run into the arms of your mother for some wrongdoing. Mother would patiently correct you with love and care.

God has deposited an attribute of comfort in them.”A mother’s comfort is an end to her child’s worry or trouble” AD 10/05/2020©Rev. Ebenezer Zor(REZ)

In all these years coupled with troubles mothers still have to sacrifice everything for the happiness of their children.

Sometimes even with their last money tied to the tip of the cloth, they will still release for the comfort of their children.

Isaiah 66:13 reads” As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you; and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem”. KJV

Today being mother’s day remember the comfort of your mother and appreciate her.

Let us continue appreciating and applauding our gallant and selfless mothers for all they have done and still doing for us.

Happy mother’s day!


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