Mothers Are Great Treasures

Mothers Are Great Treasures

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Out of no how, they provide the means.

Out of desperation, they calm us.

Out of loneliness, they welcome us.

Out of being lost, they find us.

Point of death, “they” saved us.

Out of insufficiency, they provide abundance.

Out of confusion, they give counsel.

Out of challenges, they take high risk to sustain us.

Out of bitterness, they showed LOVE.

Out of pains, they put exceptional smile on our face.

Out of sadness, they provide comfort.

Out of insecurity, they fortify us

We hardly fathom how special God made “Them”.

True men see “Them” as the great heirs of life God has ever given us

Mothers! Mothers!!
Ayekoo! Ayekoo!!!

Lord, Bless all Women who Truly follow your likeness in this world.

God richly bless Mothers who truly cares.

Prayer of blessings to all WOMEN who in any way have shown COMPASSION to safe a soul

Happy Mother’s Day!

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