Mam-Nog Youth For Development: Press Conference On Abandoned Important Projects

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Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media. Good morning residents of the two Districts, Good morning to the good people of Ghana.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media, on behalf of the good people of Moagduri and North Gonja District, I would like to welcome you all to this very important maiden Press conference.

You deserve a tap on your shoulders for the sacrifices you’ve had to pass through in other to honour our invitation. We are extremely grateful to you and we hope this will be the beginning of more cordial relations to come.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, we find it vital and imperative, even under the circumstances in which we currently have to deal with the deadly COVID-19, to hold this press conference.

For residents in these two Districts, the issue at hand is more deadly and dangerous even than COVID-19. Whiles we urge fellow Constituents to continue sacrificing in adherence to the social distancing protocols, we will like to commend the President for his thought provoking decisions to keep us safe, and demonstrating that indeed, “The Black Man Is Capable Of Managing His Own Affairs”

First of all Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to state emphatically without any shred of doubt that, this program is purely non-partisan and not under the influence of any political party.

We are a coalition of youth from two major Districts i.e, Mamprugu Moagduri District in the North East Region and North Gonja District in the Savannah Region.

Our activities are purely driven by Patriotism and our collective desire to ensure our respective Districts get their share of the national cake.

Our decision to join forces is motivated by the profound word of the renown American Civil Rights Activist, Martin Luther King Jnr., who opined in “Letter from the Birmingham Jail” “Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere”. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

Ladies and Gentlemen, advancing developmental course of our societies must be viewed as an effort not only aimed at promoting the dignity of our fellow human beings, but an efforts to safeguard our own dignity and worth.

This conference seeks to highlight very critical issues regarding some halted projects in the Constituency. Our main focus today will be on the Yagaba-Kubori portion of the road which connects us to our neighbours in the North Gonja District.

MAM-NOG YOUTH FOR DEVELOPMENT would like to cease this opportunity to jointly express our profound gratitude to the government for the few developmental projects that are currently on going in our Districts. Whiles we commend the President for his thought provoking decisions to keep us safe under the circumstances, we will like to appeal to government not to relent on its efforts.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media, residents of Moagduri and North Gonja District have been thrown into a state of shock last week, regarding recent developments on the Yagaba-Kubori portion of the Yagaba-Mankarigu road.

Whiles we commend government for re-awarding portions of the Contract (Kubori-Mankarigu) to a different Contractor (MAWUMS), we equally want to blame government for paying lip service to the remaining portion (Yagaba to Kubori portion) of the contract, which is very critical and dear to the hearts of many.

Ladies and Gentlemen, those who are familiar with the road in question, will attest to the fact that; It is the major highway in the two Districts. It is a road that connects us to the Upper East Region, the Northern Region and more importantly, Mankarigu in the North Gonja District of the Savannah Region. It is also a major rout to the Sandema and Walewale Hospitals, which are our main referral centres .

Due to the current nature of the road ladies and gentlemen, Criminals take advantage of that and have consistently attack and rob traders and other road users of their valuables. We are living in constant fear and panic over this unusual menace. This abandoned portion of the contract has suddenly become a danger zone. When we developed interest in the matter and decided to push for some answers from the powers that be, it ended being a regrettable pursuit.

All attempts to access the contract document have been unsuccessful, as Authorities are not forthcoming with the desired information. Sources within government however suggest that the Contractor has been paid some monies, contrary to his own claims that, he’s not been paid.

Pushing further for answers as to why the Contractor left site, some blamed the delay and his subsequent disappearance on ‘overload of contracts’ by his government then. To ascertain the veracity of this claim, we undertook an investigation into similar road contracts within the District.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our investigation reveals that, as Chairman of Hajj Board and then NDC Candidate for the area, Tanko made sure that major contracts that were coming to the District, came in his Company’s name (TASS KALIA ENTERPRISE).

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media, MAM-NOG YOUTH FOR DEVELOPMENT is scandalized and completely at a lost as to how and why the John Mahama administration awarded about five different road projects to a company owned by their then Parliamentary Candidate.

Below are the Contracts;
On the 18th of August, 2016, the NDC government awarded for rehabilitation works on a 22.40km YIZESI-MUGU-DABOZESI-TUVUU roads. This contract was awarded to TASS KALIA ENTERPRISE, with a contract sum of GHC6,349,258.72. The commencement date was 18th August, 2016 and was expected to be completed on the 17th August, 2017.

On that same day Ladies and Gentlemen, The NDC government awarded rehabilitation works on a 16.60km TANTALA-ZUKPENI-WONTOBRI road. This was again awarded to TASS KALIA ENTERPRISE, with a contract sum of GHC4,845,457.20. The commencement date was also 18th August, 2016 and was expected to be completed on the 17th of August, 2017.

Again, similar contract was awarded for rehabilitation works on a 38.0km YAGABA-KUBAGNA-LICHA road. It was awarded to the same company with the same commencement and completion dates. The contract sum was GHC9,492,962.88

Last but not least, the almighty Yagaba to Mankarigu road, which contract document we’ve been denied access to.

The findings after our investigation has not only evoke palpitations, but raw anger from well meaning Constituents. We find it unfathomable why all these projects were awarded to the same company at the same date.

The Contractor who is now the Member of Parliament knew then that he had no such capacity to execute all these projects and could have given out some to his fellow party men, but he selfishly took all.

MAM-NOG feels very strongly about this project and demands an immediate return to site by the Contractor. If under the circumstances, the Contractor has no interest in the project, we give him a one week ultimatum to relinquish the contract from Yagaba-Kubori. The Contractor is advice to write a letter to the supervisory Ministry, in this case, Ministry of Roads and Highways indicating his inability to continue with the project, so it can be given to a capable Contractor to work on. Ladies and Gentlemen, anything short of this, SHALL BE RESISTED WITH FULL FORCE.

Again, the Regional Highways Director must as a matter of urgency, visit and explain to the Community as to why the project have been abandoned for almost 5 years. He must again tell us if there have been any payments made to the Contractor. Anything short of this will not be countenance. We are completely disappointed in the Highways Director for being in bed with a Contractor who is not God-fearing.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media, MAM-NOG YOUTH FOR DEVELOPMENT has given the Minister for Roads and Highways and the Regional Highways Director, a one (1) week ultimatum to ensure our demands are met.

Ladies and Gentlemen, should the government fails to meet our demands in this circumstance, we shall organise a mass demonstration to register our displeasure and out rightly prevent all Politicians from campaigning in our Constituencies

For probity and accountability, we will like to appeal to you the Media, to dig deeper into these matters and unravel the truth surrounding the projects. Possible conflict of interest position, certified payments and possible breach of procurement process.

It is morally, politically and legally obligatory for every Member of Parliament to advocate or lobby for development in his backyard.

Unfortunately, these are conspicuously missing in the leadership of Tanko. His service in politics for the past 20 years, have been to himself, his family and friends from near and far.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media, the Member of Parliament in question have had more years in Ghana’s Parliament than any other person from the constituency, but yet he is the most non-performing MP.

Whiles his Peers i.e, the likes of Hon Afenyo Markin, Hon Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Hon Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa and many other fine brains in Parliament, have been making strenuous efforts to elevate their respective Constituents from the shackles of abject poverty and hopelessness, same cannot be said of Hon Tanko, as he has thrown his core mandate to the dogs, and goes about his private business.

Since he became the Member of Parliament, he is yet to make any meaningful contribution/advocacy on the floor of Parliament. We indulge you to check the parliamentary Hansard of Parliament to confirm this for yourself. Our hope to get out of the trouble waters remain a mirage.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media, without any fear or favour, Hon Tanko is certainly not a modern day MP, and for that matter, not an MP one from ‘a lagging behind constituency’ such as ours, can be proud of in terms of his pursuit of their development course in and out of Parliament.

Whiles most Politicians hunt and gather innovative ideas to better represent their people, Tanko engages in primitive accumulations. He hunts and gathers houses and cars and monies among other things. Arrogance, disrespect, divisive, selfishness and wickedness towards the good people of Kubori have become an enterprise he currently trades in. The gods and ancestors of this great land shall speak for us.

More worrying Ladies and Gentlemen is the fact that, even the little opportunities that come his way to develop his people is seen as another God-given opportunity to further widen the poverty gap between he and those who gave him the power.

He is a Politician with no sense of fellow feeling. A politician with no scintilla of God fearing component in him. A Member of Parliament who is not fit for purpose.

“We live in a continent where legislators are measured by the number of funerals that they attend; where the efficacy of legislators is measured by the number of weddings they attend…..Where their significance is measured by the number of men and women that they support on the day of their weddings. And therefore we live in a continent where the legislator is misunderstood.”

Me: Even worrying in our case is that, our MP doesn’t even fall within this category. Our MP has failed on his legitimate duties and failing under the circumstances in which we misunderstood their functions for. lifting high the burdens of nepotism. We want to thank him for lifting high the burdens of despotism. We want to thank him for lifting high the burdens of hunger, hopelessness and injustices.

We equally want to thank him for making us destitute.

Thank you Tanko. I guess that is all that Constituents can say to you, for bequeathing on to us, these values, which have been the bane on our development.

“Yagaba-Kubori will write its own history and in both north and south it will be a history of glory and dignity” and to worshippers of Tanko’s greed please note that, “It is better to die for an idea that will live, than to live for an idea that will die”.

.In conclusion, we will like to thank you the Media for honouring our invitation, and we anticipate that, God will guide you back safely to your respective destinations.

We equally want to thank all members of MAM-NOG YOUTH FOR DEVELOPMENT for your patriotism and commitment.




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