Minister Ask Ghanaians To Collaborate With Contact Tracing Team After They Were Sacked At James Town

The sector Minister said the team was working in the interest of Ghanaians and not allowing them to carry out their duty would be disadvantageous to the fight against the disease.

The Health Minister made the call at a COVID-19 press briefing in Accra following reports that some of the contact tracing team were sacked at Jamestown when they went there to follow up on an identified person.

“Allow the team access to you, if they invite you on telephone please pay hid. Treat them nicely when they come to your houses to take your sample to protect us all from the disease,” he said.

“By adhering to these protocols you are helping us all so it is not your choice but our choice, so help us to live together and survive the coronavirus battle,” he said.

Ghana, as at May 05, 2020, has confirmed a total of 2,719 cases of COVID-19 with 294 recoveries and death toll of 18.



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