COVID-19: China and the Judgment Day syndrome; the new 2000yr era of Justice

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(If Corona virus does not come directly for the leaders and perpetrators, other cascade of events will get them. All unjust systems will crash.)

By Prince Faloye

It is amazing that Abrahamist Nigerians can claim that China doesn’t deserve to become the most prosperous superpower, because according to them China is a Godless nation in comparison to USA and the Western Powers.

Some go to extent of wishing for China’s fall and destruction on judgment day. I can’t but wonder how a nation that raised a billion people out of poverty, without slavery and everyday war, be more ungodly than one built on slavery and a military industrial complex that is kept afloat by every day war.

I asked when is Judgements Day and how far were they sure this is not Judgement Day with Coronavirus, and if care is not taken they might self destruct in ignorance?

They disagree that the Pandemic is Judgement Day, which started in China because it is the most populous nation. They believe Judgment Day is yet to come and it would be more swift, and definitely not in favor of China. As shown below, if we continue with our present collective perception, we would be judged harshly and destroyed.

As a kid, I wondered how it could be logistically possible to have billions of lives analyzed and judged within 24 hours, but someone had opined that God’s one day is equal to humans one or two thousands years.

If Almighty God knows everything from beginning to end, then he would know exactly the day of his return. So why did he not tell us? Or did he tell us but we have forgotten how to read his clock? Or better still, like the 24 hour clock is based on the Sun, Months based on moons, maybe we have forgotten the planetary body that keeps the time of his return. There goes the popular saying that ‘teach us how to keep time so we can gain wisdom of the heart’. The most prominent Wise Men were those that studied the skies to know exactly when and where he arrived to visit him with presents.

Being a major event, we must look at the longest trend which is the rotation of the Sun or universe which about 24,000yrs according to the Precession of the Equinox, and divided into 12 like a clock, or calendar, gives about 2000 years units which is known as a Great Year. The concept of Precession of Equinox was depicted on the ancient Egypt pyramids and other ancient civilizations. The 2000 year Great Eras had been long known before the writing of the Bible and informed the Wise men knowledge of the birth of Jesus.

Now, the birth of Jesus about 2000yrs ago was tied to the Age of Pisces/Olokun, the Age of religious and political dogma, which is followed by the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Justice/Shango/Amadioha that is currently unfolding.

A question is was the request of ‘Teach us how to number our days, so we can gain wisdom of the Earth, fulfilled in the Bible? The answer is yes in the Book of Revelations chapter 4 to 6 known as the Apocalypse Horsemen. The four beasts described surrounding the throne in Revelations 4 verse 7 as follows, ‘The first living creature was like a lion, (which is the sign of Leo), the second was like an ox (which is Taurus), the third had a face like a man (which is the astrological sign of Aquarius), the fourth was like a flying eagle (which is Scorpio). Basically, all cosmic bodies congregated in the four fixed points in the sky once every 2000yrs, the last time being on August 11 1999, and before that was the era of Christ and the rise of the Holy Roman Empire.

It was obvious that the Lamb of God was necessary to activate each of the 2000 year eras, the first being the first Horseman from 2000BC, the Age of Aries, Iron and War for crowning glories using bows and arrows on horse Chariots to destroy Black empires. This was the time of Abraham, the Old Testament, in Africa, the Aare crown, the beginning of Iron smelting proven with the Lejja iron slags.

The second horseman on a red horse with a giant sword (Spatha/Scimitar) to take away peace from the Earth through hateful dogma, also required the activation by the Lamb known as Jesus. Most other predictions in Revelations like the 666 mark were tied to the emergence of the Roman Empire.

This era is to be followed by the third horseman with a scales of balance to bring about an era of cultural and economic Justice, one based on Truth and Enlightenment as opposed to outgoing 2000yrs era of religious and political dogma – Christian versus Islam, Capitalist versus Communist etc.

From Abrahamic scripts, we would go through a Day or phase of Judgement before total destruction, which is the fourth horseman expected to start from 4000BC, the Age of Obaluaye, age of diseases and serious structural change.

So if we know the timing what wisdom do we gain? It enables us understand that the new Age is the much heralded Judgment Day and we should ensure we do right. Otherwise we will follow the Age of unjust dogma to the dustbin of history. Apart from the most populous nation becoming the most prosperous nation, here in Africa what are the lessons? All current systems will crash and will be rebuilt as fair and sustainable systems, economic and politically. We must restructure to allow control of resources from the local level, let those with their oil control it, let those with sorghum or solar control theirs, as shown Rev 6:5.

We must be fair to every person or group no matter how small. If Yorubas and other groups for example fail to stand for justice and fairness and don’t throw their weight behind Igbo presidency in 2023, they would be harshly judged in this judgment era. If Yorubas and Igbos believe they will take the opportunity to cut and run, leaving hundreds of Original African groups to their fate against their collective oppressors, they will fail and be punished severely. Selective justice for the anointed, a tribe, religion will not work. Nothing but a humanitarian approach.

Any system that is not also for benefit of the weakest and smallest will fail. China has become the most prosperous not only because it uplifted a billion of its people from poverty, but set out to build economic liberating infrastructure across South America and Africa. Countries that became prosperous through slavery and unfair war will crash and begin to fall back to their natural capabilities. If you make a living in an unfair industry bleeding the poor dry, be very afraid in this era. If Corona virus does not come directly for the leaders and perpetrators, other cascade of events will get them. All unjust systems will crash.

I have used the Biblical references because the majority of Blacks follow them, but the scripts only support what was deciphered through other logical and cosmic studies. I have written copiously about how the influence of Obaluaye (Saturn) and Oya (Pluto) brought Coronavirus that will cascade into the crashing of all global systems, and how Obaluaye will move into Shangs house (Aquarius) house on March 21st to build and strengthen structures to fight injustice until Oya moves into it in 2023 to properly launch the 2000yr era of the Third Horseman, the Era of Shango/Amadioha, what I have missed out is where is Shango (Uranus) at this point,

From 2019 to 2026 the essence of Justice/Amadioha/Shango is in Taurus, the house of financial institutions and economic systems to ensure that they definitely switch to a more just and sustainable or be destroyed and discarded into the dustbin of history. In the next few months, we will witness major bank crashes here and abroad, total systems crash.

Once again, China in the forefront has embarked on a totally cashless economy by the end of year. Like the last time Shango was in Taurus between 1934 to 1942, when the world powers were at war which gave us the opportunity to build our own African owned banks and Indigenous economic system, we can use this time to restructure to a just system without too much external interference.

Last but not the least important, is the Obatala (Jupiter) and Obaluaye (Saturn) meeting on December 21st that will kick start the Transformation over the next 20yrs.

Judgment Day or Age of Judgment is here, you might feign ignorance, lockdown, lock up or whatever but you must face judgment, good or bad, depending on your past and present. In all this if Nigerians, the heartland of the Black Race, rebuilds just and sustainable economic and political systems, we shall become the richest and most powerful people in the world in this 2000yr era of the Black Horseman. Especially if we restructure not only in Nigeria, but push it across the Black Africa, as a loose continent wide confederacy of self determined citystates, the Blackman will ‘rule’ the world.

The choice is ours, God/Universe is giving us the opportunity to rise like China, also born on October 1st, but we must do the work and most importantly fight for justice – culturally, economically and politically.

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